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Harrison wells learns the Army is experimenting with super soldiers and Cicso confirms one of the soldiers, a woman, was at the bomb site!

Barry is thinking about Iris. Caitlin thinks Eddie is so hot. Poor Barry can't even get drunk because his metabolism is too high.

Bette Sans Souci tosses a bag toward a security guard and escapes. It blows up.

Iris runs to the bomb site and comes face to blurring face with the red streak.

Barry runs through the files in the building as if he was made for it.

Joe meets General Eiling, who demands all of the files they have come up with. Joe suggests Barry and his civilian friends at STAR Labs might want to check into it.

Another officer tattles on Iris, who has apparently been at every crime scene trying to catch a look at the red streak. Joe isn't happy about her blog.

Wells knows about Eiling because Eiling asked for the help of STAR Labs when Eiling was doing gene therapies for super soldiers. 

Barry goes to see Bette, she touches him and tells him to get whatever he's wearing off of him fast. He runs off and his suit explodes.

Cisco is horribly upset by the loss of "his" suit. Luckily he has two more. He's ready to want to read her the riot act, until he sees a photo of her.

Joe wants Barry to talk to Iris about the blog right now. She thinks the red streak smiled at her. She's not going to stop investigating the impossible. When Barry's ready to tell her what it's really about, they can talk.

Bette is looking for the surgeon who performed on her several times. Barry has to get to her before Eiling does. She's pretty angry that the doctor and Eiling did this to her. 

Barry rushes off with Bette in his arms. 

Bette becomes the first metahuman they've tested other than Barry.

Eiling and Wells come face to face and words are exchanged.

They're testing Bette when Cisco names her Plastique. First try!

Barry wouldn't change his metahuman status if he had the opportunity because he's always wanted to help people.

Iris has started putting her name on her articles making her a target for any other metahuman. He rushes on over to her. He shrouds his face in light and disguises his voice. Since he's in the light, he doesn't blur. He winks at her. They talk.

Bette learns the shrapnel in her body has merged with her on a cellular level and there isn't technology invented yet to help her out. Barry wants to invite her onto the team. He's outvoted. Everybody wants to save her like they saved Barry, but they can't risk Eiling interfering with them.

Joe and Barry talk about Iris. Joe has known Barry was in love with Iris since Barry knew what love is and he's been waiting for him to tell her, but he hasn't. He says life has a way of making those things happen.

Harrison tells Bette that General Eiling will always attack her flock. He orders her to kill Eiling. It goes wrong and she ends up dead.

Barry tries to talk to Iris again and when she refuses to give up her search, he decides they shouldn't see each other any more.

Caitlin created a super alcohol for Barry, a 500 proof distilled drink. He was buzzed for 3 seconds.

Iris is upset over Barry ending their friendship.

General Eiling wants to partner with Harrison again. Harrison doesn't return the thought and threatens to end Eiling if he doesn't let it go.

Flashback to an earlier time. One of the genetic abnormalities Harrison was working on was Gorilla Grodd.






The Flash
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Barry: Well is there like a bed store near here? What if I get a bunch of mattresses and stack 'em?
Caitlin: Barry, this isn't a Roadrunner cartoon.

Still nothing. I can't get drunk. I mean, I'm only 25 and my drinking days are already over.