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Barry is training with the team utilizing a drone Cisco created so he can be better prepared to fight the Reverse Flash. He's spending a lot of time on the ground. As Caitlin worries not running away, Wells almost pops up out of his chair. Instead, Barry jumps up, grabs the incoming missile and aims it at the drone.

Cisco names the Reverse Flash.

Heat Wave and Captain Cold arrive into a warehouse full of custom cars in a clunky old massive model. The alarm was triggered and Cold is interested in their arrival. Heat doesn't have any idea what is going on. Cold is awaiting The Flash. They drive away. Barry shows at the scene, but that's not who Cold wanted. Eddie doesn't understand why he didn't steal anything, but Barry and Joe do.

Wells tries to get Barry to back away form Snart to continue focusing on the Reverse Flash who poses a bigger threat to all of them.

At the station, Barry walks in on Iris in Eddie's lap. He carries on upstairs to tell Joe he's not going to be helping with Snart because of the real threat. The Reverse Flash threatened Iris and he'll do anything he can to make sure that never comes to pass.

As she's packing, Iris finds the nerd survival kit in her closet and gives it to Barry. When she leaves to go to work. Joe wonders what's going on with them. At first he thinks Barry told her he's The Flash. Barry uses his super speed to clean up her mess.

Cisco is delivering new shields to the police, and they're not ready to trust them after they blew up STAR labs. So Cisco demonstrates on a dummy. The Chief says his men are not dummies. Joe confronts Wells, saying what Barry has been saying lately sound a lot more like Wells than Barry himself.

Barry and Caitlin talk about each others love lives, or what was and what might be.

The ridiculously expensive pain arrives and Cold and Heat are there waiting for it. The police are all there and Joe, ironically screams, Snart, freeze! Seconds later, Mick rolls in wondering why they call those people the heat, when he's the heat!

Mick wonders why Cold is obsessed with The Flash. They talk it out in their halted, hilarious language. Mick decides Cole is very motivational and fires up the painting.

After Caitlin meets with someone about Firestorm, Fire and Ice stumble up and ice her car.

While discussing the scientific accuracy of Ghostbusters, Barry gets a call from Joe about Caitlin and flashes off.

Cold gets on the airwaves and broadcasts live taunting The Flash or this woman dies. Barry has to come out to the city in order to save Caitlin. Everyone will know he's real. He's all for it. Barry does his best to get the goons to cross their beams. For some odd reason Iris shows up at the scene.

Cisco and Joe look for Caitlin. Cisco runs toward her and trips the wire; Joe saves her before she explodes.

Barry is in trouble. He's on the ground. He realizes speed isn't the way to stop this. He has to go slower. He takes the full bore of both guns and when they're both pointing at him, he speeds off so the guns stream at each other. Eddie steps in but when Barry congratulates him, he doesn't take the credit, awarding it The Flash.

Joe and Barry see Iris off as she moves in with Eddie. He reads her future; they're still best friends and she and Eddie are happy together.

As Barry and Joe talk about Iris moving out, they wonder why Barry ever moved out since he still has a perfectly good room here. He flashes over and moves back in.

As Cold and Heat are being transported to Iron Heights, the Truck is rocking and "the plan" happens... Snart's sister is breaking them free.

The Flash
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