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Iris calls Barry from a high story building because she's being shot at. He tells her to jump from the window, and she does. She's having the ride of her life.

Back at STAR Lab, the gang has trapped one of the breaches and they're chatting about it. Barry tries to jump through the breach, but he comes right back through. Jay describes it as an ever moving hallway between the two worlds.

Francine tries to pull the "no amount of money will keep me away from my daughter" bullshit. Now she's different, now she's ready. Twenty years seems a bit too long for her to claim to have any right to that line of thinking.

Barry almost drops some "Flash" coffees on Patty Spivot. He thinks he's outed. While they're all drinking coffee, Lisa Snart comes up asking for the help of The Flash. Cisco has built a way to track the cold gun. 

Captain Cold hasn't been kidnapped at all, and he cold guns The Flash as Colonel Cold waltzes up. Cisco added some thermathreading for situations just like this one. Whew. Lisa, meanwhile, cannot believe "Lenny" would work with their father, Lewis. 

Lisa shares with Cisco that she must have been a slow learner, because the lesson her dad said he had to teach her didn't stop with the first one. He did it again and again. She knows that if Leonard is with their dad, he is in serious trouble. They have to find out what is going on.

Joe needs to talk to Iris and visits her at work. Just as Barry is finishing up with Leonard, who promises to out him if he interferes further, Joe calls. At the house, Joe shares the news that Francine is alive. Barry is surprised. Apparently, Francine did so many things wrong. Barry knows, thanks to what he's seeing with the Snarts, that if you're raised by the wrong person, you really can take the wrong path in life. He thinks Joe needs to trust that Iris is strong enough to take the truth now.

Jay and Caitlin bond again while he tries to build the speed canon to get himself back to his world. You can tell she doesn't want him to go, while he can't wait to get himself back to "normal."

Meanwhile, Cisco discovers that Lisa is a bomb. She's been injected with it.

Joe calls Iris over to tell her about her mother. He scares her he's so sincere. He tells her about the day he received a call in dispatch from a little girl whose mother was unresponsive. Francine was a drug addict, who ran away from rehab. He knew the mother she remembered, the perfect mother, was the one she deserved. Not the one she would have gotten. He was just trying to protect her. Iris understands.

Barry decides to infiltrate Lewis' group. How hard can it be? He starts saving lives right off the bat, discovering the father son team is at loggerheads. Barry breaks into the building for the Snarts and Lewis shoots him as thanks.

Leonard and Lewis continue breaking in while Cisco gets ready to diffuse Lisa Snart. Lisa tries to make Cisco laugh. She likes to see him smile. When Lisa is safe, Leonard kills his father. Leondard ends up in Iron Heights, where Barry visits him. He knows there is good in Snart. He knows Snart doesn't want his past to define him. He won't be in there long, as they're transferring him to the metahuman wing.

Patty misinterprets something Barry says and gives him her number. She feels embarrassed and brushes it off as law enforcement colleague stuff. 

Jay is sticking around a little longer. Professor Stein was feeling pretty good until fire started popping out of his head and hands. It was like FIRESTORM, but with blue flames. Whoopsies! 

The left the tunnel unattended and Harrison Wells popped through. Uh oh.







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The Flash Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Caitlin: You and your entire family are criminals. Why should we trust anything you say?
Lisa: [reveals scar] I didn't get this scar being a criminal, I got it being a daughter.

You know what they say, live fast, die young.

Captain Cold