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Jay Garrick explains about his appearance and how he got here. He was being defeated to by Zoom when the singularity occurred, and he was sucked into their world. He lost his powers when he came though the portal. The Flash team is skeptical, of course.

Meanwhile, people are popping through the portal courtesy of Zoom to kill Barry. Why Zoom doesn't just do it himself? No idea.

Jay is a scientist. He's been The Flash for about two years. His origin story is very similar to Barry's.

The metahuman task force is gone. Everyone quit. Patty Spivot wants in, however. 

Barry locks Jay up in a cage. Very odd choice, but Jay is kind and wishes Barry luck.

Barry discovers the metahuman is a dude who turns into sand. Until Jay tells them it's human cells. Ewww. Barry is not pleased to have Jay's take on anything, sure he can't learn a thing from him.

Cisco studies the sand cells and does a Vibe.

Joe knows who the meta is...Eddie Slick. But when he catches up with him, Patty has already taken him down. NOW can she be on his task force?

Barry is really impressed with Patty Spivot. They flirt. He even offers to put in a good word for her with Joe regarding the task force.

The guys are surprised when Eddie Slick couldn't have been where the meta was due to being in prison. Joe suggests he has a doppleganger.

Eddie is highly annoyed that there could be another speedster. Iris realizes it's because Jay reminds him of Harrison Wells. She gives him a pep talk.

Patty soon learns that traditional methods of dealing with criminals do not work with metahumans. When that happens, Barry lets Jay out of the cell. Jay doesn't hold it against Barry. 

Not-Eddie-Slick plans on killing Patty Spivot with a bomb and Barry some other way. 

Cisco realizes he may have some control over his powers and goes to touch the sand cells, vibing into the place where Patty is being held. 

Barry and Jay go to save Patty, and their plan to destroy Eddie Slick works. She calls for The Flash and both say, "coming" and rush over.

Caitlin and Jay bond over their shared loss. Then Barry arrives and he and Jay talk about Zoom.

Zoom is smart, quick and obsessed with destroying The Flash so that he can be the only speedster in any world.

Joe learns that Mark Mardon killed Patty Spivot's dad and that's why she wants to be on the task force. Two murderers got super powers. There are some bad people out there that can do anything. She may not have powers, but she wants to stop them. He's the only person she knows who wants to do that, too.

Iris' mother shows up. She wanted to see Joe and their daughter.

Dr. Stein wants to know what's going on with Cisco. Cisco is scared to death and doesn't want anyone to know, despite Stein's enthusiasm. Stein says it's OK to be afraid. Wells knows that everything Wells did was evil, and that's why he doesn't want anyone to know about it.

There is a breach inside STAR Labs. While Stein is talking about it, he passes out. There is another STAR Labs, founded in 1991, in another world. One of those that Stein was talking about. Dr. Harrison Wells is the founder and savior of Central City. Of course.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Jay: They belong to a metahuman I fought before named Sand Demon.
Cisco: I know you're new here, so I'm just gonna break it down for you. The whole naming the bad guys thing? That's my jam. But you know what? I'm gonna let you have that one, because I actually kinda like it. I'm not mad at that one.

Where I came from, I was a speedster like you. They called me The Flash.