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Barry takes flowers to Patty and they catch on fire. Just after he tells Patty how lucky he feels, Zoom grabs her and takes her high above a skyscraper. He's going to destroy everything The Flash loves. He drops Patty and Barry just watches. Hey, this ain't right. Barry wakes up.

Joe and Iris are showing Wally abound the precinct. When Joe calls him his son and pats him on the shoulder, he cringes. He also doesn't think much of Joe's detective skills. A perp in the precinct wonders where Wally's cuffs are and calls him "tail lights."

Patty wants to talk to Iris about Barry. He's being guarded, waking up from bad dreams and not telling her. Iris says Barry carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, ones that aren't even his.

Harry tosses stuff all over the lab and Cisco calls him on it. Cisco still thinks they can find a way to make Zoom slower rather than making Barry faster. He wants to use the turtle as a way to steal Zoom's speed.

Barry attempts to get the turtle, but doesn't do it because he is in turtle time himself.

Barry is surprised that everyone knew about Turtle but him. Cisco has a whole list of unidentified metas.

Patty wants to know if everything is OK. Is Barry burdened, by chance? Barry says it's the time of year when his mom died, so that's why he's been off. Maybe tomorrow dinner, drinks and kissing?

Wally doesn't show up for the family dinner. He doesn't even call to say he isn't coming, and that annoys Iris.

Barry decides to tell Patty he's the Flash, which is surprising, considering his nightmares.

When a work thing comes up, Barry decides to take Patty. Harry warns Barry not to tell Patty about The Flash, but Barry is wary.

Harry tells Cisco how Zoom got his name and Cisco then offers to vibe for Harry if he ever wants to ensure his daughter is still alive. Harry just knows.

Barry's decision to take Patty to the job backfires because she ends up getting in trouble, he saves her, Turtle gets away and Barry gets hurt.

Turtle drained Barry of his speed while at the party, and that's what they have to discover. Harry is annoyed that Barry is going to see Patty right in the middle of it all.

Patty is looking at a letter from Midway City University when Barry arrives. She wants Barry to decide what he wants, because she's no longer just having fun. She's getting close to him.

Wally races cars. He's doing it to pay for hospital bills to save his mom. He came to Central City because nobody in Keystone will race him anymore.

At Patty's place, Turtle is apparently working for Zoom as he's arrived to get her as the thing most precious to The Flash. She must be mighty confused.

Nope. She's not confused and the Turtle isn't working for The Flash. He just has the same agenda. Dude has stuffed his wife, and he plans on doing the same to Patty.

The Flash Team puts all the pieces together and Barry gets to the library. Ultimately, he has to build up enough speed to power through Turtle's thing. It works. Patty clings to The Flash's waist saying thank you, thank you whoever you are.

Caitlin confronts Jay. She wonders why he allowed her to get close to him when he's sick and she will soon lose him. There is no cure. The only way is to get his speed back and the only way to do that is to end Zoom. They vow to do it.

Wally's heading back to Keystone. Joe suggests they slow down a bit. He'll try to stop being an instadad and Wally can stop trying like he wants to be his son. They eat Chinese.

Barry goes to talk to Patty. She's going to leave Central City. She wants to be CSI. It's time to move on. From everything.

Harry logs into his journal. He's coming for her soon. He kills Turtle to get some of his brain matter to move forward with killing Zoom.

Reverse Flash is running around and lost.


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Barry: I have spent most of my life feeling very unlucky.
Patty: Yeah, and now?
Barry: It feels like I've been struck by lightning twice.

Captain: Nice to meet ya, Wally. Your pops here is a hell of a detective.
Wally: Obviously not.