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Earth 2's Harrison Wells is giving a speech about STAR Labs. He's offering a new line of metahuman altert devices. The Flash comes in with a speech of his own. Wells created metas including The Flash and Zoom.

Wells has a daughter! That's a very cool twist.

He's being introduced to the STAR Labs team. Caitlin points out he's not even the doppelganger of the guy they knew, who was really Eddie Thawne. Caitlin will still be running tests.

Wells wants to help Barry stop his worst enemy: Zoom. Wells is willing to admit now that he created the metahumans. He wants to stop them together.

Joe walks in and starts shooting. Thank goodness Barry is speedy. The two have a discussion about how freakin' difficult it is to treat this man differently than their Wells, but they have to do it.

Iris and Linda Park are getting girls at the paper. Joe turns up to give her the latest Wells scoop. He's surprised she's so good with it. And he gives her a gun. Without Eddie to look out for her, he wants her to look out for herself. He taught her to shoot it for a reason.

At Jitters, Patty is excited to talk about King Shark. She loves this town. She wishes Barry might want to write her report with her. Cisco decides to call Harrison Wells Harry because calling him Dr. Wells isn't going to work. I'm going to roll with it as well. Since there is always going to be a Harry out there, Barry needs to just go with it. Take a chance.

Cisco takes his own advice and asks out Kendra Saunders who turns him down flat. Even Barry feels terribly about how cold she does it.

Cisco vibes out. There's another breacher. This one looks like a fly and tosses big bunches of light. She can do stuff with starlight. She's called Dr. Light. Harry wants to use her to lure Zoom here so they can catch her. In walks Jay Garrick. Oh no, they are not luring Zoom here!

Harry says, oh, we all thought you were dead. I should not have been so surprised. 

Barry finally asks out Patty. She says yes, but wants to make sure it's not one of those situations where she gets all excited and then something sciency comes up and it's all for not. He promises that's not the case, but wants to do it tomorrow, early, because he doesn't want to wait anymore.

You're No Good by Linda Rondstat is playing. Harry is in Cisco's office reading up on Harrison Wells. Cisco is a bit annoyed. He tells Harry what Harrison did to him. Harry laughs. Not a cool move. Harry noticed on his metahuman detecting watch that Cisco is a little more than meets the eye.

Barry meets Dr. Light up close and personal. He wants to take it down a lumen and have a normal conversation. He recognizes Linda Park and for some odd freakin' reason doesn't understand. What?! In return for his ignorance, she blinds him with her lumens.

Iris doesn't want Barry to cancel his date, even though he's literally blind. Can Cisco help? Wearing dark glasses so Cisco can attend the date with them is the great idea they come up with. It's an awkward date, to be sure, but doesn't seem to start out all that bad.

Caitlin and Jay chat about Zoom and Harry. Caitlin trusts Jay.

Halfway through the date, Patty tells Barry she knows he can't see her. She wouldn't be a very good detective if she couldn't have figured that out. 

Jay and Caitlin move in for a kiss just as Dr. Light tosses their vehicle up and over. She wants our Linda Park.

As Patty helps blind Barry walk by holding his hands, Iris successfully fights off Linda Park, but not before he kills her editor in front of our Linda Park and Jay Garrick.

Harry thinks Barry can do what Jay could not. The two fight, like an honest to goodness fist fight. Harry thinks Barry should be hard on Jay, too. Barry should be teaching Jay, not the other way around. Barry tells Harry that Harrison was his mentor. Harry says he's not Harrison. Barry needs to listen to him.

Harry outs Cisco when he's given Dr. Light's helmet. He didn't need to reprogram any satellite because he doesn't need to. He has powers. He's a metahuman.

Cisco admits he does have powers and touches the helmet. Nothing happens. Harry demands he try again. Harry says it's because he's afraid and jams the helmet toward his heart. Cisco rattles off her location.

Barry realizes he left STAR Labs without a plan for stopping Linda Park. Harry suggests running so fast he leaves behind a speed mirage. Barry has never done that before. Yeah, well, from what Harry has heard he's already time traveled, so he knows he's fast enough. Barry does it, confusing the hell out of Linda.

Barry is ready to fight Zoom. He won't be doing it alone, because he has his entire team. Jay doesn't have the confidence to do it. He won't watch Barry die. He's leaving.

Cisco goes to Jitters again and this time Kendra thinks a date might be nice. The trio sits at Jitters and gives Cisco his name. Vibe.

Zoom has captured Harry's daughter. She's in a cage. That's not good.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Cisco: Yeah, well, we're batting a thousand against these breechers.
Wells (E2): You're batting a thousand, Crisco? What's your sample size? Ten?

It's very strange to be holding your autobiography, epecially when you didn't write it, and it's not about you.

Harrison Wells (E2)