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We see Jefferson "Jax" Jackson become whatever he is on the day the particle accelerator exploded. Mumbo jumbo, Caitlin might be able to find a match if Barry gets blood, so he mosquitos them and gets it.

Joe is prepping Iris to meet her mother tomorrow, telling cute stories about mint choplep chip ice cream.

Patty finds some clues for a possible man shark, but Barry doesn't think it's his thing. But maybe. Joe wonders what's up with Barry, Iris and his partners.

Barry and Stein go to meet Jax. He's not really all that pleasant.

Joe accompanies Iris to meet Francine. Everything Francine says rings false. 

Caitlin meets with the other fellow, Dr. Henry Hewitt, at STAR Labs. Caitlin has already told him about the matrix and he's on board. There's no more time. Cisco primes him for the merge. Henry straps up and...nothing happens. They're not compatible after all. Hewitt is very pissed. Or disappointed? Nope. Pissed. His hand is all fiery as he leaves.

There is a break in at the Applied Sciences division over at Mercury Labs. It's Harrison Wells. Tina tells Joe and Patty she's pretty certain it was Harrison Wells, with the distinct difference that he was walking again.

Back at the precinct, Francine shows up again. Joe is not happy. Francine has MacGregor's, something common among ex-addicts. She's dying. She just wants her daughter to know her. This her.

Jax is at STAR Labs, thinking he's getting his knee fixed. Like a normal human, when he learns he can only do things like fly during times of convergence with a willing participant, he wants to walk. I can't say as I blame him. Professor Stein wants to let him go. Caitlin is surprised. 

Barry gives Patty the news about her not-a-man shark, and she's being weird. Barry mentions it to Joe and Joe skirts the issue by noting their attraction to one another. He tells Barry that even though Iris was his first love and he'll likely never feel the same again, he can't let it stop him from exploring something new.

Hewitt is listening to news about The Flash, and he's really pissed he's not going to be a superhero. His boss yells at him and he goes all fireball.

Stein is getting worse and Hewitt is angry because of Caitlin. She's feeling poorly. Barry says they need to think outside the box. 

Iris still doesn't want to get to know her mother even though she's dying. 

Caitlin visits Jax and shares her story about Ronnie. 

Iris meets with Francine and confronts her. She's an investigative reporter. She knows Francine has been lying since she arrived. Francine had a baby boy eight months after she left town. But she doesn't want to hear anymore. If Joe ever knew that he might have a son he never knew, he'd be crushed.

Stein and Jax leave for Pittsburgh to get training. Stein gives Cisco advice about his gift. Take a leap about his gift and remember the very thing that makes him different is what makes him special. 

Barry goes to see Patty, and while he's watching he's snatched by a landshark. Patty comes out to save the say, but Harrison Wells does the job for him. So freakin' cool.




The Flash
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Iris: I'm sure that you've been through a great deal, and I can appreciate you feeling like this is suddenly the right time to want me in your life, but that doesn't mean that it's the right time for me.
Joe: Iris...
Iris: No, dad, it's OK. I've thought about this a lot, and it wasn't fair for me to make you the bad guy. [turns to Francine] So I want you to hear this from me. I don't hate you, Francine. I do wish you well. But we have lived separate lives for over 20 years. Let's keep it that way.

Cisco: Awwww how cute! We'll have two Professor Steins if this works!
Caitlin: It's gonna work.