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The Flash is taking down Captain Cold and Heat Wave, quite handily, while heroic music plays in the background. Ronnie Raymond flies in to assist. They walk back into STAR Labs triumphantly, welcomed back by all their friends, including Eddie and Harrison Wells, who stands up out of his wheelchair. It's all a dream. He's alone. Letters from an attorney pile up on the ground unattended.

It's been six months since the singularity. He's better off alone. It keeps people safe. Now he just runs.

At a crime scene, Joe asks Barry if The Flash will be putting in an appearance at Flash Day. He hears the mayor is going to give The Flash the key to the city, and Joe knows Barry loves awards. Yeah, but those he deserved. Barry is not pleased about being honored for what went down when we last saw him. 

Cisco is Joe's scientific advisor for the metahuman task force. He wants a badge. He's not getting one. Iris, Joe and Cisco talk about trying to convince Barry to stop going it alone. Joe thinks his best friend should try. Iris finds Barry at Jitters. He's been rebuilding the city on the sly. She wants to write an article about it, but he doesn't want her to do it. People want to thank the man who saved Central City. Well, they can't, because it's not him, and she should know that. Iris says she believes in The Flash, just like Central City.

Then Barry remembers what happened on that fateful day. They had to merge the inner and outer event horizons. How? By Firestorm separating in the eye of it. The amount of energy in the fissure should do it. Two merged men went inside, but only one man came out. Ronnie Raymond is another victim of the fateful day, alongside Eddie Thawne.

It's Flash Day and Cisco and Joe are chillin' at the rally. They're a fantastic new partnership. Dr. Stein is in the crowd, as is Iris. They're all cheering for The Flash, while other guests sport T-shirts and antenna. The mayor gives his speech, raising the key to the city. The Flash is nowhere to be seen, but he makes a dramatic, speedy entrance. The crowd goes wild, chanting his name. The music wells and so do the tears. He gives a little wave, is told by the mayor the doors of Central City will forever be open to him and just has time to save the mayor from a new enemy. 

As the standoff starts, Cisco has a very quick Vibe vision before Joe calls for his new "boot," which unfortunately doesn't take the guy down, but sends him up instead. Barry starts throwing gas canisters and Joe shoots. They recognize him. It's the body they found at the nuclear plant. He's alive!

Except, the body was in the morgue all night. So what gives? Joe recognized Cisco's Vibe, but Cisco doesn't talk about it. Iris has entered. She wants to talk to her dad about no longer giving Barry the chance to push them away. She uses one of his own sayings on him. Joe laughs again. Such a sweet sound. 

Cisco goes to visit Caitlin at Mercury Labs, who is working for Dr. McGee. He hopes to lure her back with his neediness. Happily, he notes the security and how much better it is than STAR Labs, where anyone walked in and out at any time.

Barry receives a visit from an attorney at Weatherby and Stone. Harrison Wells left STAR Labs to Barry as part of his living trust and it's going to go into receivership unless Barry watches a video message. When Barry watches it, a message will go to his attorney, and everything will be drafted for Barry thereafter. He's merely honoring Wells' final request. Barry tosses it aside. Barry receives a notification of an intrusion at STAR Labs. He rushes over. His team is working.

He doesn't want any of them there. Tough. They care about him and the city. They're working with him and The Flash whether he likes it or not. Dr. Stein then names the Atom-Smasher and Cisco hugs him, welcoming him to the team. Nonetheless, Barry rushes off to fight Atom-Smasher. The team manages to help even though Barry thinks he can go it alone.

Atom-Smasher talks about "he" as if Barry should know who it is. Barry gets a good head smash, and remembers when he first started living with Joe and Iris. Joe gave him permission to feel sad. That's why he was there. They hugged, and Joe was recalling it as Barry awoke on the cot in STAR Labs. Joe tells Barry to stop hogging all the blame and regret, because they all have a piece of it. Instead of rebuilding bricks, he needs to start rebuilding things that really matter. He starts with Caitlin.

For the second time, Barry tells someone she knows better than him that he wasn't the hero of that day. Of course, Caitlin blames herself for Ronnie's death. Ronnie asked Caitlin to leave Central City when he first became Firestorm, but she chose to stay behind and help Barry and Wells, and staying at STAR Labs was a constant reminder of that decision. When he hands Caitlin a handkerchief to wipe her tears, the USB drive drops on the floor. They agree to watch Wells' message together.

Wells starts the message by saying, essentially, whoops, he's dead. The last 15 years helping to raise Barry were for nothing. No, not really, because he wouldn't believe that. But, he decides to give Barry what he wants most, even though he knows it will not ultimately make him happy. He confesses to the murder of Nora Allen.

Barry asks for everyone to meet him at STAR Labs. Joe calls the DA, who says it looks good. In the meantime, they still have to deal with Atom-Smasher. They decide to lure him out. They use a giant light beaming a flash into the sky. Caitlin tells Cisco it's perfect. Where did he come up with the idea? He doesn't know. He thinks he saw it in a comic book somewhere.

Barry takes down Atom-Smasher, who tells him Zoom promised he'd take him home if he killed him.

Barry is greeting his father as he gets out of prison. They arrive home to a party. Dr. Stein gives a speech. The gist? Forward. It couldn't be more appropriate. Barry wants to move in with his dad and look toward the future, but realizes his dad doesn't want to stick around. 

Barry drops his dad off and heads to STAR Labs, where he finds his team, a newly refreshed suit with an emblem that pops and an updated security system. Nothing is getting into the place without them knowing. Nobody waltzing in and out of here. Until Jay Garrick waltzes into the room a millisecond later.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Iris: People just want to thank man who saved Central City.
Barry: Well they can't, because that's not me. You should know that better than anyone.

Iris: Yeah, but he should go. Someone should try to get through to him.
Joe: Maybe his best friend?
Cisco: Joe, believe me. I have tried!
Joe: I meant her.