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Harry calls to Jesse and Wally to come down to the command center. Then they run into the hallway to see the duo passed out. Jesse's heart was stopped momentarily.

Henry's in a bit of a daze.

Cisco touches the burned up remains of The Flash suit. He saw Barry. He's alive. 

Barry is in his childhood bedroom. He goes downstairs to see crime scene tape and Joe in the living room. He says he's not Joe. He says "we" thought you'd be more comfortable talking to people he knew. 

Barry can't go back until he catches the brown blur running through the streets of his old hometown.

Henry wants Eobard's medical files on Barry so Iris and Cisco take flashlights down into the metahuman morgue (why no lights??) where Girder has thawed.

Ha! Cisco tells Iris to get behind her, and she says, no, you get behind me!

Girder is a zombie. Because no one knows why.

Barry finds speed force Iris. Not Iris he says sadly. 

He wonders why he was even given the speed force if they feel like they should have given it to someone else. She says because he IS the The Flash.

Cisco and Henry find Barry, but he can't go back, because he has to catch the brown blur first or else he goes back without his powers.

Why always Jitters? Why is Jitters the only place people ever go and wreck?

Iris is excited to use herself as bait. And wants to lure Girder back to STAR Labs where Cisco and Wells can kill him. Again.

Barry runs into the speed force version of his dad.

Joe thought maybe Wally was a speedster and drops a mug on the floor as a test.

Iris goes outside and whistles to zombie Tony. He begins to follow.

Not-Henry suggests that Barry isn't at peace with the decision to allow his mother to die. And that's his biggest drawback at the moment. 

The gang is trapped by Girder. Whoopsies.

Barry arrives at this old home to find Nora. You're not my mother. Why are you doing this to me?

After reading the dinosaur book about the little myasaur, Barry catches the brown blur. It's him. He's ready to go back. Iris and Cisco join hands ready to contact Barry again to bring him back.

Barry and Iris are together going somewhere, but they don't know where.

Hunter has freed Caitlin, as free as she is with the fate of the free world hanging over her shoulders.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

I'm talking to the speed force. Isn't that like saying I'm talking to gravity, or light, or...?


Iris: Dad, do you really think he's a metahuman?
Joe: Well, he got zapped by the particle accelerator and he was unconscious. It was worth a shot.
Iris: I gave you that mug!