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Barry goes really fast, four times faster, but my satellite service goes out, so that's all I know.

Cisco can't vibe.

Harry asks Joe what he knows about Jesse's whereabouts to far. He also hopes Joe can talk Barry out of reopening the breaches to his Earth.

Joe suggests Harry go with him to help him defeat Zoom. That will help him be successful.

Joe's wondering why Wally won't accept his help finding a place to live. Barry tells him it's because he's never lived with his father, and wants the chance to do it. So Joe cleans out a room and invites Wally, who is very happy.

Iris is wondering if she should be thinking about love with Barry. But if she has to think about it, then she shouldn't be with him. You're either into someone or you aren't.

Cisco is worried he'll become Darth Vader if he starts using his abilities. He doesn't want to succumb to the dark side. Barry says he understands, after all, Cisco was there the first time Barry ran on water, up a building or back in time. What Cisco has that Reverb didn't is friends.

Caitlin is having a hard time because she doesn't want to face Jay. She tells Harry Hunter Zoloman is his on-earth doppelganger. Hunter was 11 when his father killed his mother right in front of him and then Hunter was later convicted of 23 murders. On the night their particle accelerator exploded, Hunter was being executed. Whoops.

Barry goes to get Zoom. Zoom comes over. Barry kind of throws Zoom for a loop with standees of his parents. 

Wally is in the Zoom prison. He's chatting with mask face. Mask face apparently cannot talk through the mask. 

Wally wonders why The Flash would care about him. He's a little confused.

Joe needs a minute.

Suddenly Barry is contemplating giving up his speed to save Wally. Which makes no sense, because if he does, then who will stop him kill all the OTHER people?

Zoom vibes on the helmet. Wally's alive. Cisco sees Jay (why are they still calling him Jay?). Cisco says Barry will give him his speed.

Barry gets Hunter to hand over Wally before he gives up his speed. 

Hunter killed his "time remnant." That's how he managed to be in two places at one time.

Barry gives up his powers. He really did it. Then Hunter tried to kill Barry, a little ol' human. Caitlin begs him to stop if she ever meant anything to him. He stops. Then he kidnaps her and scurries off.


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The Flash Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Look, Wally doesn't want your help paying for a place to live He wants you to offer him a place to live.


Hunter: How did you figure out who I was?
Barry: You made a mistake. You told Caitlin who your doppelganger was.