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All of the breaches are closed except for one. Barry, Caitlin and Cisco all did crap in gym.

The West family (sans Wally) are having dinner. Iris is trying to talk Barry out of going to Earth-2. He assures her it's not about Patty or escaping his life here.

The last remaining breach is unstable. As long as that's the case, Barry and Cisco will be trapped over there. NOOOO!

Good God. Trying to see anything in the speed force is impossible!

As Barry and Cisco take selfies, Harry tells them to get a move on. It's not a sight-seeing tour.

Mayor Snart! That's right, Leonart Snart is mayor. What??

They see other Barry on TV. He's talking about the leadership of Detective West. He runs to get other Barry who is super excited to see Harrison Wells. He's such a dork. Barry is going to impersonate himself. He thinks it will be easy.

Floyd Lawton is still Deadshot, but because he's the worst shot in the department. Iris and Barry are married. Her metahuman alert app goes off when she kisses him. Must be on the fritz!

Barry calls his mom. He got them anniversary tickets to Atlantis. Atlantis? 

Cisco is looking for his double and can't find him. This angers Harry. 

Jitters is Jitterbugs and that's where Joe is singing. Joe doesn't have the same relationship with Barry he had with Barry in our world. On Earth-2, Barry got his Ph.D, and Iris had to become a cop like her grandfather instead of a reporter as she wanted. Iris says she's fine with it, but Barry feels uncomfortable with it.

Back on Earth-1, Geomancer is terrorizing the place. Joe is suggesting Velocity-6. Jay has taken V-6 before, and there were unforeseen issues. It's killing him, not Zoom stealing his speed. She says she has something he never had before. Her. She'll figure it out.

When Killer Frost and Deathstorm come in, Barry tries to talk to Caitlin as the girl she once was. It doesn't quite work out as planned, and E-2's Joe is almost killed. 

Harry tries to pull the "these people are mere reflections as far as your life is concerned" card, but that wouldn't make much sense overall if he really wanted Barry to care Jesse. And Barry cares about everybody.

Earth-1 shakes. WTF is that? 

Joseph tells Iris that every single song he sings is for his baby girl and then he dies. It's going to be a bit difficult to place the real Barry back into his place in the world.

Stuff happens here that I missed...

Jay tries using Velocity-7 and runs fast for a very short time. 

We found Cisco! He works for Zoom. Caitlin and Ronnie work for him. Uh oh! Vibe's counterpart? Reverb. Reverb offers to Cisco the opportunity to join forces and overthrow Zoom. He then threatens to shatter Killer Frosts central nervous system if she talks back again.

Cisco asks for Flash to save them and he appears. Iris wonders who the hell...

Cisco says he's not going to the dark side with him. Deadshot comes in shooting and misses at close range. Bless. Reverb can do some pretty amazing things and Cisco wonders if he can do them as well. 

Deathstorm starts fireballing The Flash, but Killer Frost says hey, you're gonna get in trouble! Zoom wants him unharmed. Then Zoom shows up and kills Deathstorm and plucks out Reverb's heart just like he did Cisco's. Hmmm.



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The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Cisco: I got no spit.
Harry: Jaws.
Cisco: I'm not just quoting Jaws. I mean, my mouth is really dry right now.

Is anybody else feeling panic right now? I chickened out of bungee jumping when I was 18, but this is categorically a lot scarier.