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The Flash and Kid Flash are training. Back at the lab, Team Flash takes bets on who wins. Barry wins the race.

Julian, Barry, and Joe meet at a crime scene. The body is completely decomposed even though the victim's only been dead for eight hours. 

Iris arrives to report on the crime. Joe asks Iris and Barry to have dinner with him and his girlfriend and her daughter. Iris is upset because she realizes the future is coming true. She's scared. He suggests telling Joe, but she doesn't want to upset his life.

Julian and Caitlin are examining the body. It's continuing to decay, which means it's not a bacteria.

The villain claims another victim, a lounge singer named Julio Mendez. He shakes his hand and the Julio begins to decay.

H.R. and Cisco are watching Barry try to train Wally on phasing. Wally's not getting it. H.R. suggests vocal encouragement. 

Barry gets called to the crime scene. Barry recognizes the victim's name from Flashpoint. The first victim was also a cop in the alternate universe. Barry rushes Julian and the victim to the lab. He tries to talk Joe into staying home. He's willing to take the risk.

Julian is rushing Caitlin as she does the autopsy. He wants to do it alone. She's just as frustrated with him. They find a second strand of DNA on the victim. He recognizes the structure as the same as the husks created by Alchemy. 

The West family is having coffee with Cecil and her daughter. The daughter has a crush on Kid Flash. Joe's put in an awkward spot where he's asked to choose between The Flash and Kid Flash. Caitlin and Julian interrupt with news of the meta, Clive Yorkin. Just as he shows up to find Joe.

Joe doesn't recognize him. Clive claims he ruined his life. They get everyone to clear out and Wally slips out. He returns as Kid Flash. Barry gives him tips since he can't speed away. Clive leaves. Back at the lab, Iris worries about Joe. When he tries to calm her down, she tells him the truth about what Barry saw in the future. 

Joe is furious when he realizes everyone's been lying to him. Iris tries to rationalize, but he doesn't want to hear it. He blames Barry the most since he knows what Iris means to him.

Julian feels guilty for creating the meta as Alchemy. Caitlin tries to reassure him that it's not his fault. But when he insists it is, he also makes it clear she should feel guilty for her past. She says she regrets bringing him into the lab. 

Iris is at home working. She leaves a message for Joe, who won't answer the phone. Clive arrives. Iris pushes her panic alarm. Cisco and Wally at the lab. Wally says he'll go. Iris tells Clive this isn't how she's supposed to die. Kid Flash isn't fast enough. Clive touches her, and he rushes out.

Team Flash gathers at the lab. The decay is spreading along Iris' arm. Caitlin uses her powers to ice the arm until they can find a solution. Wally's upset that he messed up. Barry goes to comfort him. He says he was lucky because he had a lot of people helping him. Barry promises to be a better teacher.

Cisco and H.R. come up with a crazy plan. They want to vibe into Flashpoint to figure out who the other potential victims are. Cisco uses Barry to vibe into a version of Flashpoint that still exists. He identifies another cop who took down Yorkin in Flashpoint. Joe heads out to find the woman before Yorkin. She's in the middle of a case so she pulls Joe onto a train with her as Yorkin watches.

Julian and Barry are trying to find answers. Iris' condition grows worse and Killer Frost starts to take over Caitlin. Julian tries to talk her down. Insists she's stronger than he is and she can win the fight. Caitlin gets control back and helps Iris. 

Joe tries to tell the PI about the risk, but she's not taking him seriously. Yorkin sabotages the train. He sends a panic alarm. The Flash and Kid Flash arrive. It's too late to stop the train. Barry wants to vibrate fast enough to move the train through the debris. It works. Kid Flash faces Yorkin alone. Barry tells him he needs to phase his blood into Yorkin to stop him. 

Barry encourages him and Wally manages to do it. Yorkin's powers are neutralized. 

At the lab, Iris wakes up to everyone surrounding her. Team Flash explains how they saved the day. Joe points out they won because they worked together. They all agree to no more lies. Julian sets out to find the remaining husk meta. Caitlin follows and thanks him. She asks if he wants to get a drink.

Joe and Cecil make plans with her daughter when she comes back to town. 

Barry fixes the apartment door. He wants to make sure Iris feels safe. She trusts him with her life. She tells him that she loves him and the Flash and she knows he'll save her.

As Wally practices phasing, a portal opens up and Jesse appears. She tells him Grodd has her dad in Gorilla City. 


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The Flash Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I promise you. I'm doing everything in my power to make sure that future never happens.


On my Earth, financial wagering was banned after an unfortunate incident with Vice President Al Capone.