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Cisco and Gypsy are busy having a date night where he is trying to get her real name. A man shows up through a breach and starts attacking Cisco. It's none other than Gypsy's father, Breacher.

Barry and Joe are attending a press conference while continuing to investigate the new metahumans. He points out that Joe is somewhat glowing. They head to Star Labs as Breacher is waiting for them.

He tries to attack them but Cisco stops him and explains that they are allies. They show him around while Harry is pissed with Cisco for being so welcoming to Breacher.

The gang continues to look over fingerprints and sees Ralph Dibny's prints. Barry recognizes the name before he and Joe go to see him.

Ralph is comforting a crying client as he works as a private investigator. He and Barry have a past as the two young men are clashing a bit. They ask him if he was on the bus three weeks ago to find out if he was affected.

Ralph claims that he wasn't on the bus and they leave his office. But two goons crash his office and takes him up to the roof to threaten him. As they are dangling him over the edge, Ralph's body begins to stretch to incredible lengths.

Barry and Joe spot him and realize that Ralph did indeed get affected by the dark matter. They bring him to Star Labs to find out how to get his body back to normal.

At Jitters, Gypsy is trying to convince her dad to give Cisco a chance. He tries to impress her father, but Breacher isn't playing along that easily. Breacher tells Cisco that he will hunt him for the next 24 hours.

The team tries to figure out what to do with Ralph once he is stabilized. Barry thinks they should lock him up in the pipeline as he thinks all the people on that bus are going to be trouble.

They go to investigate Ralph's office while Iris asks Barry why he hates Ralph so much. Barry reveals what Ralph did to him when he was studying to become a CSI. Iris finds a bomb that is ready to blow as Barry rush them both out.

Barry and Iris return to Star Labs where Caitlin talks to him about why he needs to give Ralph a chance. He goes to talk to Ralph to find out who is trying to kill him and why he is working with the mayor.

Harry watches Cisco trying to hide from Breacher. He explains to Harry that Breacher is putting him through a test in order to prove if he is worthy of Gypsy.

Harry, in his own way, tries to help Cisco to set up a trap for Gypsy's dad. Caitlin gives Ralph something to help his body go back to normal and it works.

Barry and Joe go to talk with the mayor about Ralph and why he is working with him. The mayor admits that he made a mistake as he cheated on his wife. Ralph got photos of him and threatened to expose the mayor.

He just wants to pay Ralph and be done with this, but Barry promises that they will help the mayor. When they leave, the mayor is joined by the same goons who were trying to kill Ralph. The mayor was behind it the whole time.

Barry confronts Ralph about the blackmail as the two start arguing. Ralph tries to leave, with Barry trying to stop him. He punches Ralph in the face, but gets his hand stuck in all of Ralph's elongated face.

Ralph manages to release Barry's hand and storms off. Later that night, Breacher is still looking for Cisco who tries to confront him with a blaster. Breacher attacks Cisco, but it is just a hologram.

The real Cisco shows up from behind and activates some force field to trap Breacher inside. But the Breacher uses a machete to get out and keeps hunting Cisco.

Joe goes to talk with Barry to find out what caused him to hate Ralph so much. Barry talks about what happened and asks Joe who tells him that maybe Ralph deserves a second chance.

Two officers show up at the door and begin to shoot at Joe and Barry. But they get stopped thanks to Barry as they realize that they work for the mayor.

Breacher keeps looking for Cisco but sees footage of Ralph and decides to go after him. Barry calls Cisco and tells him to activate the tracker that he put on Ralph.

Ralph hands over the photos to the mayor but doesn't want the money anymore. He says that he will tell everyone that the mayor tried to kill him if he attempts to kill Ralph again.

The mayor tries to kill him, but Flash shows up to stop him followed by Breacher who attacks all of them. He tries to go after Ralph while Flash attempts to protect him. 

Breacher continues to blast at him before he goes after Ralph. Vibe shows up through a portal to protect Ralph. Flash then spots the mayor getting away with a helicopter as he has taken Joe hostage.

Flash begs Ralph to use his powers to get Barry closer to the helicopter. Ralph refuses until Flash unmasks himself as Ralph is shocked that Barry is the Flash. Barry convinces Ralph to use his power to stretch his arm far enough for him to stop the mayor.

Joe tells the whole team that Cecile is pregnant as they celebrate together. Cisco enjoys his victory against Breacher who grumpily returns to Earth-19 before revealing Gypsy's name to be Cynthia.

Caitlin returns to her apartment but is horrified when someone has scraped a message into her door. At Ralph's office, Barry offers Ralph to join the team to learn more about his powers and to train him to be a detective.

Ralph agrees Barry's offer and Barry asks what made Ralph look into the mayor, to begin with. Ralph reveals that a client named "DeVoe" commissioned him to as Barry remembers that name from a few months ago.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Joe: That guy has not changed a bit.
Barry: Really, did you expect him to?
Joe: [Sees Ralph's stretch] Guess he was on that bus.

Ralph: Do I get a cool superhero name?
Barry: What do you think about...Plastic Man?
Ralph: I think that is the dumbest name I have ever heard.
Barry: Yeah, Cisco comes up with the names.