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After being framed for the murder of Clifford DeVoe, Barry is now having to prove his innocence. The team tries to figure out what DeVoe has been planning this whole time and what he is doing next.

At their lair, DeVoe is celebrating having transferred his mind over to Dominic's body. Marlize is struggling slightly with the fact that her husband looks like a completely new person now. 

While the trial has begun, a meta is causing trouble at a bank as he is making people around himself pass out. Anton Slater is presenting evidence that is only putting Barry in a bad light.

Cisco and Joe go to investigate the latest metahuman case as Captain Singh informs Joe that he has to talk about Barry to the court. The prosecutor, however, doesn't go easy on the captain.

Joe and Ralph are staking outside the DeVoe house and snaps photos of Clifford and Marlize kissing. Cecile tries to get Barry to confess to the court that he is the Flash so he can explain the whole mess with DeVoe.

Caitlin has figured out why everyone at the bank passed out as it was due to radiation poisoning. At the trial, Marlize tells the court when she first met Barry and the harassment he put her husband through.

While she is telling her story, the photos of her kissing Clifford (as Dominic) as Cecile presents them to the judge and jury. When confronted about kissing "Dominic", Marlize makes up a story of how they met.

Cecile goes to Barry as he tells her that he is going to tell everyone his secret. Iris goes to confront Marlize to drop the act. Meanwhile, at Star Labs, the other members are alerted about the new metahuman and tries to stop him.

At the trial, Iris storms into the courtroom and tells the judge she has new information that will change the outcome of this trial. She tries to tell that he is The Flash, but Barry uses his speed to stop her and tell Iris that he has decided to not out himself, for the sake of their marriage.

Joe, with the help of Ralph, gets into the DeVoe house to find answers. Back at the courthouse, Cecile and Barry have decided to not make a case for the time being.

In downtown, the metahuman is beginning to get worse as more and more people are passing out. Cecile makes one last case for Barry who tries to step out as the team needs his help with the metahuman.

While the judge isn't happy about it, the judge allows him to leave temporarily. Barry runs off to and suits up before going downtown to stop the metahuman. Vibe and Killer Frost join him and together they stop the metahuman.

The jury finds Barry guilty for the murder of first degree. Barry returns to the courthouse to face his sentence. He runs into Clifford who refuses to tell him why he needs The Flash out of the way.

Barry returns to the courtroom as the judge sentences Barry to prison for life at Iron Heights. He is taken to Iron Heights and gets locked up.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Cisco: Oh, damn. We need to cool him down.
Harry: Killer Frost.
Caitlin: Great.
Cisco: Well, go, turn!
Caitlin: Well, that's not how it works. I can't just snap my finger and make her appear. It only happens with I'm scared or angry.
Cisco, Harry: Oh, good Lord, Caitlin.
Cisco: The city's about to explode. Everyone, everything you know and love, the birds, the trees, the fish, the puppies! The puppies are going down because you didn't want to...
Cisco, Harry: Show up for work!

Harry: Guys, if this meta can cause these levels of radiation in these patients, that means this meta has a similar makeup to a nuclear bomb.
Cisco: So, like, enough to blow us all up? What are we talking here?
Caitlin: The fallout from a nuclear explosion could be catastrophic.
Harry: Exactly.
Cisco: Fallout.
Harry: Great name.
Cisco: Terrible power.