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We kick things off on a high note. Iris brings Marlize back to Star Labs where the estranged wife suggests a plan to send Barry into DeVoe's consciousness using the help of Cecille. They waste no time in setting up and sending Barry into his most dangerous mission yet.

Along the way, he encounters a familiar face -- Ralph, who is alive and well. As they search desperately for the "Good DeVoe," the end up at a final ending where he is found dead, a reality that shocks the group; however, Barry quickly realizes the reason Ralph hasn't been killed inside DeVoe's mind. It's because DeVoe is using Ralph's body, so it makes sense that he would keep his host alive. 

The reunited duo makes their way to the portal where Barry resumes consciouness and Ralph is returned to his body, but not before DeVoe leaves them with a parting gift -- An activated satellite that is plummeting to Earth, potentially resulting in humankind's extinction.

Barry races to the point of impact and begins running to build up speed. Just as he is about to sacrifice his life and punch the satellite away, another speedster joins him. Both equally taking the hit, leaving Barry alive and the other speedster long gone. 

With the world finally at peace and Team Flash's world coming to a boring halt, things pick up with Iris and Barry's daughter knocks on their door -- their daughter from the future. 

The Flash
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Harry: Help...
Cisco: No, you are not frying away what's left of you.
Harry: Help! Please.

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Barry: Yeah, yeah it's Ralph. He's alive! Wait, how are you even here?
Ralph: How are you here? Did DeVoe get you?
Barry: No, no. He didn't.