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We open with Cisco looking at some of Camilla’s work, the bartender/photograph he had met a few episodes prior. He then realizes his work is done and the cure is officially finished. He’s about to vibe himself back home, but something concerning stops him.

Back at Star Labs, Cisco informs the Team that they have to wait 29 days to use the cure. Sherloque suggests that they throw the cure into the speed force in order to synthesize it faster.

Barry agrees, and he and Nora head into the speed force, but Barry stops her at the last minute. He says that she needs to stay in order to protect Central City, and she reluctantly agrees, telling herself Barry will only be gone for an hour.

Barry leaves, and Nora runs into Ralph in the hallway, who has brought The Book Of Ralph to help Cisco learn the “Art of Love.” Everyone else bails, not wanting to deal with Ralph, leaving Ralph, Cisco, and Nora alone in Star Labs.

Ralph tries coaching Cisco about his upcoming date with his book, admitting he cyber stalked Camilla and Cisco is nothing like the guys she usually goes for. Cisco takes the notes and leaves for his date.

At Iris’ office, Cicada appears. She tries to call Nora but he knocks her unconscious.

At Jitters, Cisco goes to meet Camila, dressed up in a suit to impress her, but instead makes her feel awkward. He puts on a façade that he’s rich and works for Ramon Industries, a company named after himself, and she’s unimpressed.

Iris wakes up tied up and Cicada reveals that he knows exactly who she is and who she works with.

Cisco gets a distress signal during the date and asks Camilla for a do-over, but she declines and leaves him alone.

Nora also gets the distress signal at Star Labs. XS and Killer Frost show up to save Iris, but Cicada is already anticipating their arrival, and he’s able to kill Killer Frost by using his weapon like a boomerang.

Distraught, Nora immediately runs back in time, wanting to do the hour over again and save Caitlin. She returns to the hallway where she had run into Ralph.

Everybody bails on Ralph again, but Nora tells Iris she can’t leave and go to her office. Iris agrees to stay.

This time, Ralph is alone in his office and Cicada shows up for him. Ralph sends out a distress signal.

Cisco shows up for a second go-round at the date, this time dressed up in gym clothes, pretending to be a fitness guru. He hopes she’s impressed, but instead, she reveals she had hoped Cisco was a guy who was more focused on flexing his brain than his muscles.

Ralph ends up tied up by Cicada, who reveals he knows that Ralph is Elongated Man.

At Jitters, Cisco touches his coffee and gets a vibe, realizing something is off, except he gets another distress signal and asks for a do-over. Camilla declines and leaves him…again.

At Star Labs, the distress signal goes off, and XS and Killer Frost show up to save Ralph. Ralph tells Killer Frost to move at the last second (realizing what Cicada is doing), but Cicada’s weapon ends up hitting him instead, and Ralph dies.

Once again distraught, Nora goes back into the past again, to give it a third try.

The third time around, Sherloque clearly realizes something is wrong with Nora. Nora once again convinces Iris to stay at Star Labs. She also convinces Ralph to stay put as well. When Cisco touches the cyber stalked papers Ralph gave him, he gets another vibe about his date at Jitters. Sherloque witnesses this, and starts to pick up on what must be happening.

Sherloque shows up at Iris’ office to investigate why Nora doesn’t want Iris to leave the lab. Just as Cicada appears, he realizes she time traveled and then gets knocked out.

Not paying attention to his vibe, Cisco once again shows up as someone else, this time a social media influencer. He gets another vibe, but can’t quite grasp what’s going on, but he knows something’s wrong. He anticipates the distress signal and leaves the date first this time.

The signal goes off at Star Labs, and XS shows up to save Sherlqoue on her own this time, leaving everyone else behind. Except for Cisco vibes in at the last second, and Cicada’s weapon ends up stabbing him. Sherloque then realizes why Nora has been time traveling.

We go back again to the hallway. Fourth time around, Nora puts everyone back in one room and forces them to stay there.

Cicada shows up to Iris’ office, and luckily no one is there, but he notices the pictures of the West family.

At Jitters, Camilla gets a text from Cisco telling her he has to reschedule.

The distress signal goes off again, this time for Cecile, but Nora is too late and Cecile dies.

She goes back in time again, reliving each of her friends dying over and over again. 

This time, she tries to find Barry in the speed force but can’t get to it. When she walks into the lab, they’ve all finally realized she’s reversing time.

Nora explains that everyone dies every time she goes back. Cisco realizes he’s not having déjà vu, he’s reliving the past hour, and Nora reveals that she has failed 52 times.

Nora and Cisco have a heart to heart, and Cisco realizes that he just needs to be himself to impress Camilla. They realize that if Nora explains every single thing that’s gone wrong, they can make it right.

Sherloque suggests they use Cicadas dagger against him.

When Cicada shows up at Iris’ office, Iris appears on the roof, waiting for him. She calls for the Team, because she knows it will make Cicada throw his dagger, and the others vibe in and help Nora slow down time so that she’s able to position Cicada so the dagger to hit him, instead. The plan works, and Cicada flees, injured.

Barry shows back up to the lab, with the finished cure, clueless as to what has happened.

Cisco shows up one more time to Jitters, and Camilla is still there. This time, he just acts like himself, and Camilla is finally impressed. He asks for a do-over, and this time she agrees.

At Star Labs, Barr explains to Nora that there are consequences to time travel, that no one can tell who will be affected by messing with the timeline.

Sherloque finally breaks Nora’s code.

In 2049, Nora asks Thawne to prove he knows what he’s doing, and he tells her that he’s the only speedster who knows what he’s doing and that she needs to stick with the plan, in order to save The Flash and defeat Cicada. 

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The Flash Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Nora sometimes we fail because all we can worry about is not failing.


We're not Gods, Nora. We've just been given extraordinary abilities.