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We open with Nora still left alone in the dampener. Iris and Barry are disagreeing about what to do with her. Barry thinks they can’t trust her, but Iris thinks there might be an explanation. Sherloque offers to do some investigating but Iris shuts him down quickly, and the team shuns him for not letting them in on his ongoing investigation. 

Ralph sees Nora’s journal and suggests the contents will explain everything, and Barry tells him to read it.

We skip ahead to 2049 where Nora is running late to work. She shows up at a crime scene to work CSI. While investigating, she realizes two different labs and heir trucks have been attacked in the past week. She also realizes whoever committed the crime must be a speedster. 

She returns to her office to fill in Lia, her coworker/best friend. Lia is doubtful about Nora’s speedster theory, but Nora insists she’s right. When looking at security cameras of the labs that had been vandalized, they come across a flash of white lightning. Lia admits it must be a speedster, after all. 

Nora travels to The Flash Museum while warding off calls form her mother. She realizes there has never been a speedster with white lightning as their signature color—the color that was left in the lab. 

Leah and Nora go to Olliins Chemicals and try and figure out why the specific chemicals were stolen from the labs. The scientist they meet with explains they won’t know what the chemicals are for until the culprit steals all ingredients they need.

Suddenly, the lights go out and a white speedster—who proclaims himself a God—appears before them. He strikes Nora with a  lightning bolt, sending her flying across the room. As he speeds away, Nora is knocked unconscious, and her super speed activates itself. 

Nora wakes up in a hospital with Lia standing over her. She explains the speedster got away with another mysterious chemical. Nora is confused about why she feels so good after being hit with so much electricity. Lia then reveals she called Nora’s mom and Iris is on her way home. She also explains a suspicious chip was found inside of Nora's skin. 

As she stands up, Nora activates her speed and realizes she’s a meta speedster. Leah and Nora decide they can’t tell anyone about her powers yet. 

Wanting to use her powers, Nora jets off to guard Central City from some criminals but ends up making things worse, since her powers aren’t under control quite yet. 

Nora decides the only way she will defeat Godspeed (the white speedster) is to think like a villainous speedster herself, so she goes to visit Reverse Flash. 

Nora begins asking Eobard her questions. She explains there is almost nothing about him in The Flash museum. Eobard almost immediately picks up on Nora being a speedster herself. Before she can get all of her questions out, Nora is shuffled away, and the warden of the prison attacks Thawne with lightning; it's his punishment and repentance. 

When Nora returns, Lia has realized the chip in Nora's chest was from Star Labs and it had been dampening her speed. Nora realizes has always had powers and almost instantly recognizes the chip as her mothers doing. 

At Jitters, Nora and Lia figure out what the last chemical Godspeed will need is, and head to grab it. Before they can get the chemical off the premises, Godspeed appears. He is under the impression Nora is stealing the chemical because she’s a speedster like him, and must need it too. Godspeed then rips Lia’s heart out, killing her and disappearing with the chemical. 

Back in the present, Iris lets Nora out so she can explain her side of the story, after feeling responsible for Lia’s death. 

In the future, Iris returns home from assignment to a heartbroken Nora. Iris tries to console her daughter but Nora breaks out the chip and confronts her mother about dampening her powers. Iris admits everyone in Nora’s life knows about her meta powers. 

Destroyed by her mother's betrayal, Nora becomes laser-focused on figuring out who Godspeed is and what his motives are. After CSI finds his prints, Nora realizes she has already met Godspeed in his human form at the Flash museum. She also realizes Godspeeds lightening turned from white to blue just like Zoom’s once did. She puts the puzzle pieces together and concludes Godspeed is trying to make a speedster cocktail that will give him super speed forever. 

Nora returns to Thawne and once again asks for his help. She explains Godspeed is on the brink of becoming unstoppable and he has already killed her best friend. AT first, Thawne resists but eventually agrees to help her. 

Nora gets to the last lab Godspeed is planning on hitting up. In her earpiece, Thawne guides her along. Godspeed turns up, but Nora is able to throw a power dampening wristband on him. She thinks she’s won, but Godspeed pulls out more serum, returning his speed. Nora runs, but has trouble losing him. Thawne then tells her to use satellites to neutralize Godspeeds power. She succeeds, and Godspeed loses his power, knocking himself unconscious. 

Back at the prison, Nora wants Thawne to train her but he tells her his time on earth is coming to an end. He then sends her to Star Labs with his ring, showing her his hidden lair. It’s in his lair that Nora first discovers her father, Barry, was The Flash. She is then played a video he left for her, explaining her powers and telling her to remember he loves her. 

In the present, Nora confesses she just wanted to meet her father, and solve the one case they both couldn’t solve—Cicada. 

Barry asks for a moment alone with Nora. He asks her how many times she visited Thawne. When Nora admits she ran back to the future over 5 times to visit him, Barry tells her how while he can understand coming back to meet him and the Team, he doesn’t comprehend why she kept going back to Thawne after she found out about everything he did. He tells Nora he doesn’t trust her—he can’t— and she has to leave. 

Barry brings Nora back to the future, and tells her he’ll know if she ever tries to go back in time again. Barry then goes and visits Thawne himself, to tell him he’s lost, and he’s finally going to get what he deserves-death. A clock then counts down from 10 minutes. 

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