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We open in a  lab where Sherloque is still investigating Nora’s journal and trying to figure out her accomplice. Elsewhere, Nora visits Thawne, and speaks to him about Sherloque’s suspicions. Nora is worried Barry will find out and hate her, but Thawne insists that he can fix things.

Thawne then suggests that Sherloque needs to be distracted and to contact his ex-wives.

In Iris’ new office, Barry is moving furniture around for Iris while she focuses on figuring out why she doesn’t have readers—a bad review.

AT Star Labs, Caitlin explains how to take down Cicada with the meta cure, but the team is worried they won’t be able to hold Cicada down for one full minute.

Caitlin suggests using a device that can immobilize a meta but doesn’t know where to start looking for one. Ralph says he might be able to find it.

Ralph and Barry go looking for the device together. They are pointed towards a man named Goldface, who is a black market arms dealer the CCPD hasn’t been able to catch.

Ralph suggests paying Goldface and then letting him get away, to stop Cicada—letting the ends justify the means. Barry agrees.

Nora brings Sherloque to Jitters where she interrogates him about what he is investigating.

In a Flashback, we see Thawne telling Nora just how to deter Sherloque’s attention by setting up choreographed moment. He ends up meeting a woman named Renee, who he takes a liking to. He ends up being able to sense so many things about her with his skills she ends up thinking he’s a stalker, and storms out. Nora convinces him not to give up on her and offers to help him.

Ralph and Barry head to the black market to find Goldface. they get dropped into a secret hideaway, where men are standing by, waiting for them with guns pointed and power dampening wristbands.

Ralph and Barry get into the market, but wearing their power dampeners and therefore have no defense against any potential attacks. Ralph suggests he go find the weapon and Barry should just stick around.

A man tries to sell Barry a weapon that can kill members of the CCPD. Barry realizes how detrimental it could be, and tries to buy up all the guns at once.

At Jitters, Iris tries to hunt down Cicada by interviewing different people who have seen him around. She convinces Cicada’s old manager to drop the address of where his paychecks once had been sent.

Back at the marketplace, Ralph tries to stop Barry from buying the cop killing guns, worried their cover will be blown. Ralph found the generator they need, but it turns out Goldface himself has it. They’re about to make a deal, but Goldface senses that they are hiding something.

Ralph thinks Barry is about to blow their cover, but at the last minute, he comes up with an alter ego named “the chemist” and completely fools everyone.

Goldface tells them that if Barry and Ralph help them rob a lab for a 3D printer, he’ll give them what they want.

At Cicadas house, Iris knocks on the door. When he doesn’t answer, she lets herself in through a window. She stumbles upon Cicada on the couch, and hides as best she can, but he hears her.

Back at Star Labs, Nora tells Sherloque she came up with a plan for his love life—talking to his ex-wives. When they arrive, Nora realizes he married the same woman 7 times on different earths, who are all waiting for him to pay alimony. They tell him that they will find him and kill him if he doesn’t pay them in full by next month.

At the marketplace, Barry and Ralph debate on what to do. Ralph thinks that Barry is going to bail, but Barry agrees to the job.

At Cicada’s, Iris is still stuck in hiding. She almost makes her way out, but he sees her at the last minute. She paints herself as a reporter looking for the owner of the house, Robbie Byrne, who Cicada claims he is.

Iris claims she’s writing an investigative report about lead leaking into the water pipes in the neighborhood. She asks him to answer a few questions and he agrees.

Nora tries to apologize to Sherloque but he is now convinced that he is destined to be alone. Nora reminds him that you can’t deduce your way to a happy ending.

Barry and Ralph head out to steal the printer. When they’re about to go in, Ralph locks him in the truck and won’t let him proceed with the mission. Ralph goes in alone, instead.

Ralph tells the rest of the group that the “Chemist” is handling leaving some evidence behind in the truck. Barry tries to make his way out and find Ralph. Inside the lab, the group searches for the printer and Ralph finds it quickly. AT the last moment, he realizes he can’t do it and gets caught after punching out one of the other criminals.

Out by the truck, Barry has gotten out of the truck and helps Ralph escape. They take guns, put them to stun setting, and end up taking down all the criminals.

Goldface shows up, and claims he’s there to kill them for going rogue. They stun him with the guns, but he ends up bouncing back almost immediately. He’s about to take them down, but Barry tricks him and ends up melting him from the inside out.

Back at Cicada’s, Iris finishes up her questioning and tries to leave, but Cicada realizes who she is and attacks her. She sprays him with pepper spray and ends up running, but he catches back up to her. He’s about to kill her, but she punctures his old wound. Before she leaves, she lets him know that Team Flash will, in fact, beat him.

Back at Star Labs, Caitlin makes sure that Barry and Ralph are healthy. They’re reminded that even without their powers, they took down a powerful metahuman. He gets a call from Iris and heads to Cicadas house, but he’s gone.

Iris tells the team she knows how to get the cure in Cicada and she knows his weakness-stab him in his old wound.

Sherloque meets up with the lady he met at Jitters earlier (who again, looks just like all his other ex-wives). He tries to convince her that he’s just gifted and sensing things about people. He convinces her, and she agrees to a date in the future.

As she leaves, the door opens without her touching it, and she realizes that she’s a meta.

He goes back to the lab and starts to connect the dots, realizing that Nora set him up somehow. 

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