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We open with Barry and the team searching for Nora West Allen.

Sherloque and Ralph return and reveal that Grace has disappeared. Ralph offers to help follow Caitlin’s lead on the atomizer. Sherloque declares he’s going to keep looking for Nora since he feels responsible.

The team gets multiple alerts. One is at Caitlin’s dad's old lab. Cisco returns The Book Of Ralph and they try to give it to Sherloque for relationship advice.

Joe, Barry, and Iris investigate an alert they were given on a thief. Working through the evidence, they realize Nora is responsible, and she’s using negative tachyons to steal from the speed force and avoid the team.

Weather Witch and Bug-Eyed Bandit meet up on a Farm. Rag Doll appears out of a box. They realize they’ve all been invited there. Nora steps out of the shadows, admitting she was the one who invited them.

Nora wants meta’s to work with her. She promises no tricks, but they aren’t allowed to kill. She wants to take down the largest manufacturer of hilarity weapons in the country—ones that will go for a million each on the black market. First, she says, they have to rob the Flash.

At Mr. Snow’s all lab, Ralph and Caitlin investigate in the dark. Caitlin talks about how Frost has never felt pain over grief before, so Ralph offers his 27 Ways To Grieve, and Frost gets so annoyed that she makes an appearance just to tell Ralph to shut.

Cecile brings evidence to Iris and they both think Nora may be working on a heist for Thawne. Iris says she knows Nora must have a good reason for what she’s doing.

At Star Labs, the Team waits for a hit on Nora and get one. Barry goes to confront her.

Sherloque follows Barry (and Cisco follows), as he feels like he needs to talk with her. Cisco gets an alert that their sewage system has been tampered with, even though no one can technically fit down here.

Barry asks Nora what she’s doing. They have an argument about Barry’s lack of trust. She gets so upset, her eyes start to go and she explodes away in a burst of lightning.

Flash meets up with Iris and Cecile and explains what he just saw. He tells them Nora stole Spencer Youngs hypnotizing phone and her face started vibrating and eyes turned red lightning just like Thawne.

They get an alert from Star Labs. They realize Nora is working with criminal metahumans in a coordinated assault.

The meta’s have kidnapped Cisco and Sherloque. Nora wants Cisco to hack Spencer’s phone. SHerloque apologizes for exposing Nora the way he did.

At the abandoned lab, they see scuff marks. They think Grace may have stolen something to help younger Grace out of a coma. Caitlin discovers a fridge Cisco had made into an incubator for the prototypes of the cure. These prototypes are now gone.

The team tries to figure out what Nora’s motives are. Iris think s maybe Nora wants to catch Cicada, but Barry thinks its worse. He suggests they bring her in before she can do anymore harm. Iris disagrees and they argue about if Thawne has changed or not.

Weather Witch, Rag Doll, Bandit and Nora bond over how their parents don’t care about them.

Cisco successfully hacks the phone, but Nora keeps him kidnapped.

At Star Labs, Barry talks to Joe about Nora looking like Thawne. Barry tries to work through his parental issues by getting advice from Joe, and Joe wants him to trust in Nora like Iris does.

Cisco and Sherloque manage to escape their handcuffs.

At the scene of the heist, Nora & Co. are able to bypass security. Once they find the weapons, XS is ready to load up, but Weather Witch and Bandit turn on her.

Bandit and Weather Witch start broadcasting their heist on the TV, and threaten to kill all the hostages and Nora if Flash doesn’t come meet them. Flash shows up, but he’s acting off. and Weather Witch realizes it’s Sherloque as a hologram.

Then in a turn of events, the hostages reveal them to be Joe, Flash, and Iris.

Bandit sends out bees to attack XS and Flash, while Rag Doll goes after Joe. Weather Witch knocks Flash down with lightening but he’s able to get back up. He promises to never leave Nora again, and her lightening turns back to purple and yellow.

Back at Star Labs Nora explains she thought she could control the criminal villains but got in over her head. She explains she wasn’t trying to kill Cicada, but getting the one weapon that could destroy Cicada’s dagger. She tells her parents she’s okay with not following through with Thawne’s plan,b ut Barry says he thinks they should use it. They need to stop Cicada—it’s their best shot.

Barry doesn’t believe in Thawne, but he does believe in his daughter and he apologizes for making her feel otherwise.

Caitlin and Ralph return to tell the Team Cicada has stolen the cure prototypes to use them as a poison against meta humans, and she now has the power to kill every meta in the city.


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The Flash Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Sherloque: She has a good reason to be mad with all of us
Cisco: What? Don’t lump me in with you two!

Cisco: I am clearly the Samantha of this group, right?
Iris: Okay, Miranda.