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We open in 2049 with Thawne and Nora talking in jail. She says Thawne’s lucky she came back to visit him at all. .She asks questions about the atrocities he’s committed and he admits to all of them, regretting his actions. Nora explains that Barry has hatred in his heart because of Thawne. Thawne says she was inspired by the Flash and envied him, which is why he did what he did, however, he now realizes he will never live up to Barry Allen. He also claims that he believed Nora knew what he had done to Barry and his family, but she says she no longer trusts him.

Thawne claims that he wants to help Nora, which is why he taught her to time travel, but she refuses to believe him. He persists, but she ultimately walks away.

We move to Star Labs in the present, where Team Flash is discussing Cicada and how they no longer have any idea where he may be hiding. They can’t track him unless he uses his dagger, but he’s been careful not to.

Iris, Nora, and Barry all decide to go to the courtroom and support Cecile on her first day back for a trial against Weather Witch.

Caitlin and Cisco stay back with Sherloque and bask in their free time, and Sherloque goes off to “solve a mystery” on his own, trying to decode Nora’s diary.

In the courtroom, Cecile pitches the case that the Weather Witch is, in fact, guilty for meta crimes, including attempted murder of her own father. Except in the middle of her pitch, Cecile begins to feel empathy pains, realizing that Weather Witch may not be as evil as she once believed.

In Star Labs, Caitlin takes the remaining shards from Cicadas dagger out of Cisco’s hands. The two have a talk about Caitlin getting better at switching to Killer Frost when she needs to. Cisco admits he’s enjoyed not having his powers recently and the free time.

Out in the streets of Central City, we watch a mystery woman steal a car from a drunk driver.

Back in the courtroom, the trial continues, but Barry gets paged and has to leave with Nora. Cecile worries because Barry is a witness, but he promises he’ll be back.

The mystery woman continues to steal the car and free herself from the cops, but The Flash and XS come up behind her. When Flash tries to take the car from her, she uses something to blast him and gets away. Once she leaves, Flash realizes he can’t stop vibrating at high frequency.

Flash returns to Star Labs for the Team’s help, and Cisco tells them to let Barry fall through the floor and into a power dampening cell. Luckily, it works.

Cisco then figures out that the car Barry touched was filled with dark matter. Barry needs to get back to the stand for Cecile, but the team insists he stay in the cell, so Nora offers to go in to present evidence instead.

In the courtroom, Cecile tells Iris that she’s going to pursue a light sentence because she feels empathetic remorse for the Weather Witch.

Weather Witch ends up admitting that she’s guilty and should pay for what she did.

At Star Labs, Cisco reveals to Caitlin that the shards weren’t dampening his powers but they were moving them. They realize that this could give them a metahuman cure. Cisco is excited, but Caitlin is hesitant, now that she has become one with Killer Frost.

Weather Witch is on her way to prison when the mystery woman pulls up in her stolen car and helps her escape.

Team Flash gets news that Weather Witch never made it to Iron Heights, and make the connection that whoever stole the car earlier that day is the one who saved her. Iris realizes from a video of the kidnapping that woman must be military and they quickly discover who she is, and that she was dishonorably discharged.

Iris and Nora bicker about Weather Witch’s inability to change.

In an undisclosed location, Weather Witch begs the mystery woman to let her go, but the woman needs Weather Witch to use her lightning staff in order to break into Argus. Weather Witch refuses and promptly leaves to go back to jail.

Sherloque has a talk with Barry about the language in Nora’s diary, trying to figure out what It was and where it derived.

Team Flash gets the notice that there’s a hurricane in Central City and XS goes to check it out. She meets up with Weather Witch, who asks for her assistance. She explains to XS that she isn’t who everyone thinks she is, and she wants XS to vouch for her. In return, she promises to tell XS everything about being kidnapped.

At CCPD, Nora delivers the Weather Witch to CCPD without taking her up on the deal, claiming she doesn’t trust criminals.

Nora and Iris have a conversation about Reya (mystery woman) and how she was discharged from the Air Force for no good reason, and Iris explains that sometimes people aren’t as bad as you think they are.

Cisco stays busy with trying to figure out a cure but is interrupted by Killer Frost, who doesn’t want the cure made. Frost tries to show Cisco he’s only afraid of meta powers because of almost dying at Cicadas hand, but Cisco insists that his powers leave him vulnerable, and he wants the chance to have a family one day.

Nora goes to talk to Barry about her difficulty believing people can change, and Barry explains that not all bad people stay bad. When Nora brings up Thawne, Barry admits that even he might be able to change, and it’s their duty as a Team to have faith in others.  

At the jail, all the police cars start to go haywire and Reya shows up with the lightning staff to once again, free Weather Witch. This time, she takes Reya up on her offer.

Reya and Weather Witch head to Argus to steal a vehicle. Team Flash gets news of the crime, and they send Nora out to catch them. XS meets up with the women and requests to talk with Weather Witch, but Reya blasts her before they can.

The two try and get away, but Frost ends up building a wall of ice to stop them. However the car can phase, and the two escape anyway and the Team loses track of them as they turn invisible.

XS syncs into the stolen cars radio waves and apologizes to Weather Witch for not giving her a second chance, then pleads for her to do the right thing.

The stolen car heads straight for XS, but at the last second Weather Witch uses her staff to stop the crash. XS is able to get the vehicle, but the two women escape yet again.

After 24 hours runs out, Barry is able to release himself from the power dampener. Nora admits that Weather Witch saved her life.

Cisco is still trying to find out a cure when Caitlin shows up to take Cisco on an adventure. They end up at Caitlin’s dad’s old lab, where Caitlin explains she thinks some of his things could be useful for Cisco. Caitlin apologizes for standing in Cisco’s way and agrees to help him, as long as they don’t force a cure on anyone.

We jump back to 2040 where Nora shows up to visit Thawne once again. She admits she doesn’t trust him anymore but is willing to give him a chance to change her mind. Thawne reminds her that he doesn’t have “a lot of time”.

Sherloque goes to talk to Gillian and asks to locate Nora West Allen’s files, yet finds out that she’s already deleted everything.


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