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We open with Nora meeting Thawne to tell him about the new Cicada, which he claims to already know about. Nora unleashes her anger on Thawne for lying about how the manipulation of the being the key to saving Barry. He tells her he can’t help her anymore and that she must tell her father everything.

We move to Orland’s house, where he wakes up in pain. He sees the newly aged Grace. He doesn’t understand who she is, so she shows him a doll to prove she is his niece.

Barry, Nora and Joe hunt down a woman named Vicki who has been targeted by Cicada. They want to put her in witness protection, but she doesn’t want to leave her family, who isn’t aware she’s a metahuman. She storms away.

Cisco vibes to Ralph who said there was an emergency. Ralph shows Cisco that he got Kamila a job with Iris for the Central City Citizen. Cisco is not impressed.

Sherloque goes to Thawnes lab, trying to get in his mind. He sits in Thawnes old wheelchair and finds some type of chip.

Barry, Joe, and Nora talk about how Vicki could not be aware she killed two people with her powers. Nora tells Barry it’s her choice not to tell her family about her powers, but Barry thinks it’s dangerous because secrets are like walls.

Nora gets a flash in her mind of Cicada, because she’s apparently connected to her mind, and the two change quickly. However, they show up during a kids party and have to pretend to be cosplayers while getting them away from Cicada. XS warns Vicki and they start to escape, but Cicada gets there too quickly. Luckily, Vicki’s is able to fight back with her powers and they all flee from Cicada.

At the hospital, Joe Barry, Cecile visit child Grace, and Cecile picks up on total hate radiating from her mind. The Team goes to visit Vicki and her family and find her husband and daughter (who has been injured) to be both furious and scared of her. Barry still believes that they did the right thing, but Nora tends to disagree.

At the lab, Ralph approaches a still very annoyed Cisco. Ralph apologizes for interfering with Cisco’s relationship. Cisco explains that things feel easy with Kamilla because it makes him feel normal, and that’s why he doesn’t want her involved in everything with Team Flash. Ralph promises to respect Cisco’s wishes but warns him about the dangers of keeping such a big part of his life from Kamilla.

Grace returns back to the Dwyer house disappointed she didn’t get Vicki. Dwyer doubts that Vicki maybe isn’t the killer of Grace’s parents, but Grace disagrees. She thinks reveals that she killed the Doctor who took his meta gift away from him. Dwyer lets her know that he wanted the cure for both him and her. Grace then claims she knows what she has to do and storms out of the house, with Dwyer unable to stop her.

Sheroloue visits Thawnes secret layer and inserts the data chip. He watches Thawne explain that he has figured a way to make the timeline malleable. Sherloque also realizes that Nora’s journal entries match the same handwriting as Thawnes.

In the hospital, Vicki is explaining why she kept her powers a secret from to her daughter, and they make up. Nora witnesses this and realizes she has to be honest with Barry, except Cecile interrupts them because she is overwhelmed with Graces hatred. Nora gets another vision and realizes older Grace is at the hospital, when her dagger flies through the sky. Flash is able to push Vicki out of the way at the last second.

Joe takes Vicki’s daughter to safety and XS flees with Vicki around the city, trying to avoid Cicada’s dagger. There is now one dagger chasing XS and Cicada attacking Flash with the other. Flash tries to offer the cure, but Grace says the only cure for her is death. She realizes Vicki didn’t kill her parents but doesn’t care, because it doesn’t bring them back.

Vibe and Elongated Man try to vibe to the hospital to save Barry but she stops them. Dwyer then shows up, trying to stop her. He admits he was wrong to carry so much hate and vengeance. He tries to tell her that she doesn’t have to hold on to her anger. It looks like she is going to give in, when her dagger comes from behind and stabs Dwyer in the back—literally.

She disappears, and Dwyer’s last words are “save my Grace.”

Back at Star Labs, the Team reviews the atrocities that just occurred. They have now realized how intense Grace’s powers are—she can actually acquire dark matter from the metas around her to make her stronger. Caitlin thinks that Grace and Nora are connected because of the time Nora spent in Graces brain.

Everyone is about to get a drink, but Cecile can tell Nora wants to tell her secret. Sherloque tells the team that she wants to tell her secret, but it threatens everyone around her. Sherloque then drops the bomb that it was Thawne who instructed Nora to help stop the Enlightenment, and that Thawne has been making puppets of all of them the entire time, while he teaches Nora.

Iris begs Nora to tell them it isn’t true, but Barry knows she can’t. Because it is true. Every word.

Barry grabs Nora, and throws her in a dampening cell, then walks away, leaving her completely alone. 

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