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The Speed Force asks for Deon's help in taking down Barry.

Caitlin figures out that Barry, Iris, and Alexa all share the same bio-kinetic genome sequence. This means that they can sense one another.

Kamilla starts job hunting for her and Cisco's move out of Central City.

Psych attacks Caleb Fairweather, a tech billionaire.

Caleb is taken to the hospital for apparent mental distress and narcolepsy. He is the fourth billionaire with those symptoms to be found that day.

Barry picks up electrochemical isotopes from the crime scene that indicates Psych was there. Iris figures out that Pysch is attacking those who were in an Ivy League society -- League of Lions.

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin start training Alexa to control the Strength Force.

Team Citizen confronts Naomi LaSalle, one of the League's members who hasn't been attacked yet. Psych shows up. Naomi calls him Bashir. He attacks her.

Barry saves them, but Bashir gets away.

Iris and Allegra find out that Bashir's last name is Malika and that he was a member of the League of Lions.

Joe finds a gun with meta-human cure bullets in the precinct that Kristen Kramer ordered with the governor's authorization.

Alexa loses control during her training and attacks Cisco. He will recover, but he needs to rest.

Caitlin gives Alexa a mental activity dampener to help her communicate with Fuerza.

Bashir finds Lucas Sharpe, the last member of the League.

Barry and Alexa save Lucas and confront Bashir. They convince him to back down and join their family.

Joe steps down as captain at the CCPD.

The Speed Force and Deon kill Iris, Alex, and Bashir.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Caitlin: ...you can sense their cells on a quantum level and vice versa.
Cisco: So they can sense one another? That is so damn cute.

You and I have a common enemy. Our father, Barry Allen, rejected me, just like he rejected you. Tell me something...How does that make you feel?

Speed Force