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Barry figures out how to track the thing that killed Abra Kadabra, who is named by Cisco as Fuerza.

Cecile hears voices and sees a figure that scares her. Joe finds her on her hands and knees, screaming. He writes it off as a nightmare.

Caitlin wants to rejoin herself and Frost, but Frost is hesitant to do so.

The satellites detect Fuerza's geothermic isotope signature, but it turns out to be the Speed Force -- in the form of Barry's mother -- instead. She is injured and falls into a coma.

Barry believes Fuerza did this to the Speed Force.

Cisco works on fixing the Firestorm Matrix to bring Caitlin and Frost back together.

Cecile is having headaches ever since her nightmare. They are connected to her powers. All she feels is fear.

Barry responds to a robbery, where the villain, Psych, is preying on security guards. He affects Barry and makes him think he's in a fight with Reverse Flash. Savitar sneaks up behind him and stabs him.

Barry's speed healing kicks in.

Team Flash realizes Psych carries traces of the same isotopes linked to Fuerza.

Iris looks into Kristen Kramer, someone from the Governer's Municipal Logistics Commission who wants to talk with Joe.

Frost breaks the Firestorm Matrix.

Barry, Cisco, and Frost, all equipped with mental dampeners, confront Psych. The dampeners don't work, though, and he shows them their greatest fears.

Caitlin and Frost makeup and agree to living separately.

Barry gives Cecile the chair of The Thinker to help amplify her powers.

Psych uses his powers on everyone in Sandoval Heights.

Cecile, in The Thinker's chair, helps Barry overcome his fears and stop Psych. Psych disappears.

Barry suffers the same fate as the Speed Force and puts himself into a coma.

Kramer tells Joe that the governor has ordered her to arrest Frost.

The Speed Force wakes up. She tells Team Flash that both Psych and Fuerza hurt her and that she thinks they are both like her.

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Where are we with Fuerza? Fuerza. Spanish, for strength. Look, She-Hulk was taken, okay?


Cecile: The danger, it was...it was so real. It was so real.
Joe: I'm sure it was, babe, but nightmares can't hurt you.