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Barry's powers are glitching. Because of the imposing danger of the Forces, the Speed Force acting is increasing his abilities.

The State is pursuing charges against Frost. Cecile advises Frost to lay low and remain in STAR Labs until Kristen Kramer goes away.

A meta with ice powers stole an experimental microchip from an Ivo Labs van and murdered the driver. Kramer arrives and assumes Frost committed the crime.

Dark matter levels at the scene are off the charts. But the ice crystals don't match Frost's. Nevertheless, Kramer asks the DA's office to issue a warrant for Frost's arrest.

Barry discovers that the ice particles at the crime scene have dark matter, but only on the surface.

Kramer announces a large cash reward for any information on Frost's whereabouts.

Mark, a bartender, tells Frost where to find a new meta in Central City who has an affinity for experimental tech.

Barry's powers glitch again, causing him to lose all the evidence he has to clear Frost's name.

Frost goes to the location Mark gave her, but it's empty.

Kramer and Joe arrest Caitlin. Someone gave Kramer an anonymous tip that Frost and Caitlin used to exist in one body.

Chester discovers that the crime scene ice crystals are half-life variants, AKA artificial dark matter.

Frost confronts Mark, the person who framed her. At the warehouse, he took a neurogenic scan of her to replicate her powers. He's a cryo-geneticist. He built the microchip at Ivo Labs. experiments inhuman, warrant for his arrest to send him to Iron Heights.

Now, Mark -- AKA Chillblaine -- has Frost's powers. They fight, and she stabs him with an ice crystal. Barry and Allegra arrive. Barry patches up Chillblaine.

Frost recorded Chillblaine's confession.

Kramer and cops arrive to arrest Frost. She turns herself in and plans to plead guilty to all her crimes.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Frost: Look, I'm not some thug anymore, okay? I've grown.
Cecile: I know that, honey. I do. Look, I'm one of the people that you kidnapped.

Speed Force: Don't worry. If you need me, I'll sense it and I'll be there in a heartbeat.
Barry: Great.