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Team Flash vows to keep the Speed Force safe from the other Forces while she heals.

Chester lets the team know that they can now detect when the Forces pop up with an early warning system.

Cisco and Chester set up the system. But they are sent back to the nineties by a green wave via a new Force.

They repurpose their sensor for the early warning system to find the Force. It points them towards the high school and a student named Parker. He snaps out of the spell he's in, and the green wave comes for them again. The day restarts.

Cisco's mind reverts to his seven-year-old self. Chester helps him remember. The sensor protected Chester from forgetting who he is, but it was damaged by the wave.

They go to a store to buy a part to fix it, but before they can, Chester's father gets it.

Chester tells Cisco that his father is going to die in a car accident the next day.

Chester goes to his father who helps him build the part they need.

Deon, a jock at the high school, reveals himself as the new Force. Deon sends his green wave throughout Central City, causing things from different time periods to appear.

Chester convinces Deon to stop his reign of terror. He disappears.

Joe lets Frost know that Kristen Kramer is coming for her.

The Flash
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The Flash Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Cisco and Chester: Team Chesco's on the case!
Cisco: Let's get it!
Iris: Separated at birth.

Iris: Do you remember what happened?
Speed Force: Only some of it. When I was reborn, I was surrounded by light and love. Then came the pain. I could feel these Forces of Nature were like me, only evil.