When you watch The Flash Season 1 Episode 1 online you will be introduced to the life of Barry Allen, the fastest man in the world. Hold on for a hell of a ride!

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You want to watch The Flash online and we have The Flash Season 1 Episode 1 online for you right now. It is your introduction to Central City beyond what we learned on Arrow. Barry is awake and out of his coma and he learns not only does he have the powers of super speed, he is also healing very quickly. He's a very lucky boy. He is not happy to learn that Iris is dating Eddie Thwayne, but he has a lot to keep his mind occupied. He can do a lot of investigating into other metahumans like himself who may be living and roaming the streets of Central City. Barry wants to use his powers for good, and he will be an inspiration to those around him. He can finally tell his imprisoned father without hesitation that there is hope for his case. Find out all about it when you watch The Flash Season 1 Episode 1 online!

Episode Details

After waking up from a trauma induced coma, Barry Allen discovers he has special powers.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (117 Votes)
The Flash
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The Flash Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Cisco: How's it fit?
Barry: It's a little snug.
Cisco: Well, at least you'll be moving so fast no one will see you.

Can I keep the sweatshirt?