Cassie's Past - The Flight Attendant
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Cassie gets closer to Buckley as Annie pushes her away.

She's forced to confront her demons finally, but more details about how her father died come to light, and it was down to alcohol.

Davey wants her out of his life, but she tries to get him back.

Megan tries to find out what Cassie is up to and asks for information, so she steals her phone when she gets no response.

Cassie drinks alcohol with Buckley and asks him about his past, but he says they should run away together.

Cassie and Buckley get arrested for stealing a mechanical pony, and Cassie is kidnapped by Miranda when she leaves.

The Flight Attendant
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The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I am not going to always think about you.


Cassie: I do not want to be in this room with you. I'm leaving.
Alex: We just got to talk this through like rational adults.