Cassie and the Estebans - The Flight Attendant
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Cassie, Max, and Annie examine the luggage and Cassie is adamant none of it is hers.

She starts to wonder whether someone is up to no good, and posing as her, so she starts some digging.

Her first theory is Grace. She follows Grace as she receives a mysterious package and then goes up to the restaurant on the airfield and asks a kid to use her binoculars.

Grace seemingly notices, and Cassie says she'll go visit her. Grace goes for a shower and Cassie snoops in the apartment. She doesn't find the back tattoo and raids the packages.

Grace catches her.

Cassie is also told that the car bomb was actually a faulty gas main, which caused the explosion.

Cassie receives a phone call from Megan's son, clearly worried about what's happening to his mom.

We see Megan in another country and he sends Cassie a coded Snapchat message she sent him.

Annie and Max return to Cassie's home and find the Diaz duo in new outfits, saying they were trying to get into their Air B and B.

Gabrielle has a gun behind her back and we see inside the house that the owners have been locked up.

The Flight Attendant
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The Flight Attendant Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Cassie: I'm not saying I'm gonna eat all these donuts but I'm definitely gonna eat all these donuts.
Brenda: The curse of giving up booze.
Cassie: You're my sponsor. Say something wise.
Brenda: I thought I was acing recovery once, until I burned my house down.
Cassie: Jesus, Brenda, why does every one of your stories have to end in some horrific trauma?
Brenda: I'm your sponsor because it helps me with my own recovery. If you want to eat the donuts, eat the donuts.

Cassie: Hi, I'm Cassie, and I'm an alcoholic.
Group: Hi, Cassie.
Cassie: Most of you know my story by now. Um, since I quit drinking, I've been making changes. I moved to LA. Started dating this great guy, Marco. Picked up a part-time job. But I'm still flying. I'm still a flight attendant. But I feel like I'm turning into this whole other person, like, in a really good way, you know? And I know what they say about moving too fast, you know, no big life changes in the first year, but, I'm two days away from being a year sober. I'm really excited, and I know, one day at a time and all, but I gotta tell you, just, my life and everything, it just all feels... pretty great.