Two Cassies, One Mind Space - The Flight Attendant
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Cassie attends AA and explains that she's left New York behind and is working in LA as a flight attendant, with a new part-time job.

She goes for a debriefing with Benjamin, who tells her that she has a mission to Germany.

He tells he she needs to understand that she's a civilian asset and that she needs to take her job far more seriously.

This strikes a chord with her as she sets out to Germany.

Jada is on the flight and worried that Cassie is all over the place again.

Grace introduces herself and tells Cassie she should go to her bar night.

Cassie says she has work to do.

Cassie checks into the hotel and meets Will, the subject, at the bar. She does not drink, but Jada looks over, thinking Cassie is drinking again.

A man and woman get close to Cassie and try to clone her phone.

She gets away.

She goes up to the room and finds herself looking out the window, directly into Will's room.

He has sex with a woman and hands her an envelope. A man looks up at her and she makes a swift getaway.

Later, Will gets into a car that explodes.

As she rushes back home, she sees the man who saw her on the plane, and he tries to track her down.

She realizes her luggage is gone and a bloody wig and a photo shows up as her supposed luggage.

The Flight Attendant
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The Flight Attendant Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Cassie: I'm not saying I'm gonna eat all these donuts but I'm definitely gonna eat all these donuts.
Brenda: The curse of giving up booze.
Cassie: You're my sponsor. Say something wise.
Brenda: I thought I was acing recovery once, until I burned my house down.
Cassie: Jesus, Brenda, why does every one of your stories have to end in some horrific trauma?
Brenda: I'm your sponsor because it helps me with my own recovery. If you want to eat the donuts, eat the donuts.

Cassie: Hi, I'm Cassie, and I'm an alcoholic.
Group: Hi, Cassie.
Cassie: Most of you know my story by now. Um, since I quit drinking, I've been making changes. I moved to LA. Started dating this great guy, Marco. Picked up a part-time job. But I'm still flying. I'm still a flight attendant. But I feel like I'm turning into this whole other person, like, in a really good way, you know? And I know what they say about moving too fast, you know, no big life changes in the first year, but, I'm two days away from being a year sober. I'm really excited, and I know, one day at a time and all, but I gotta tell you, just, my life and everything, it just all feels... pretty great.