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On this episode of The Following…

After a little resistance, Roderick agrees to help capture Claire.

Ryan Hardy heads off to move Claire from her compromised witness protection location.

Surviving a first attack, he moves her to Tyson's, his FBI friend, home. Unfortunately a locater chip was placed on her by the followers.

A gun battle ensues with Tyson being shot, Claire telling Ryan she loves him, and then willfully agreeing to go with the followers to her son and Joe.

Ryan wants to quit Joe's game, but Joe tells him that he can't quit yet. All of a sudden, Molly, a girl that Ryan had been previously getting close to in a relationship, shows up happy to see Joe.

Jacob has hallucinations of Paul. He admits to Emma that he killed Paul and that she better watch her back.

Debra discovers through some decoding, a secret website for followers including a hidden source be contacted by the cult.

The Following
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