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The day of Joe Carroll's execution has arrived and Ryan is on edge. 

Joe escapes his restraints and takes out his guards with a taser. He kills two of them but takes the rest as hostages. He says if Ryan is not there within the next two hours, everybody dies. 

Theo kidnaps a girl and kills the man who's with her. It turns out the girl is his sister and he believes he's protecting her.

Ryan prepares to go in to the prison. Gwen is distraught and wants to tell him about the baby, but he hangs up before she can. 

Joe makes Ryan handcuff himself and then tasers him. 

Theo's sister wants him to leave Ryan alone, but he says that's not an option. He intends to make him pay. 

Joe wants to make Ryan admit that he's the most important relationship in his life. He threatens one of the hostages until Ryan admits Joe is in his dreams. Joe frees Ryan from the handcuffs for his honesty and Ryan cuffs him. 

Theo hacks into the prison's system and releases the prisoners from their cells. They immediately attack Ryan and Max and Mike can't get in. Ryan fights them off and saves one of the hostages. 

One of the prisoners attacks Joe and Ryan saves him. When the prisoner gains the upper hand, Joe returns the favor. 

Theo figures out Strauss' password and unlocks a location. 

Joe's execution will go on as planned, but as a parting gift Joe tells Ryan that Theo was born in Philadelphia. 

Joe is put to death by lethal injection as Ryan watches. 

Ryan goes to a bar and orders whiskey. He imagines toasting Joe as he drinks the shot. 



The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

If something happens, you take care of each other.


You didn't think killing me was going to be easy, did you?