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Ryan has a nightmare that Gwen is in trouble. He wakes up distraught but is relieved she is safe. 

Ryan, Mike, and Max work to track down Agent Clark's killer. Ryan gets a lead from a friend and they investigate a warehouse. They manage to capture a guy and Max convinces him to give up Neil. 

Neil's father has dementia and Neil becomes angry when his nurse loses him. He kidnaps her and ties her up in the back. Ryan and the team shows up before he has a chance to hurt her, but he still manages to escape. 

He returns home for his father and they manage to evade the agents until Ryan discovers that his father has a GPS tracker. They track them to a farmer's market. Neil kills a man to steal his car, but his father sees and screams, alerting the agents. Neil is forced to leave him behind and escapes in the car. 

The agents chase him down and though Ryan attempts to talk him into turning himself in, he raises a gun at them and they're forced to kill him.

Daisy and Kyle meet with a woman at a diner and she gives them a folder with Max's picture. 

Mark kidnaps two reporters and attempts to force them to interview him. He kills one and the other one tries to turn him against Daisy and Kyle. She attempts to escape but Daisy kills her. He sees the folder and questions them, but Kyle tells him it was going to be a surprise for him. They are giving him Max's address and alarm code so that he can kill her. 

Daisy and Kyle install surveillance in Max's apartment. 

Ryan asks Gwen to move in with him. 

The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

The person I'm looking forward bent, broke, and twisted my friend until he fit in this box. He was a good man.


Uh oh, I think I broke Warren. Guess you're gonna have to do everything.