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Theo is on the phone with his wife explaining that he'll be late as he's buying things like bleach and rubber gloves. He approaches a disfigured Tucker and puts his body parts into a meat grinder. 

The new boss tells Ryan that Gina is retiring he goes to talk to her about it. 

Joe imagines breaking out of prison and having Ryan pick him up in the getaway car. 

Theo's wife Cindy suspects him of cheating, but isn't able to catch him in a lie. 

Max tells Ryan about Sam, the man she had a run in with at Manitech and that she suspects he's the guy they want. His record is too clean. She's on to Theo and Ryan and Mike go to check it out. 

Theo deletes every picture Manitech has of his alter ego Sam Lewis. 

Ryan and Mike arrive at the address in Sam's file and enter the house. Ryan suspects it's a trap as Mike trips a bomb, blowing it up. 

Joe learns that Ryan has declined Joe's invitation to attend his execution. 

Max talks to a sketch artist to describe Sam/Theo since he deleted all the pictures of himself. 

Ryan arrives home late for dinner with Gwen's boss. He gets in an argument with him and throws him out. 

Ryan, Mike, and Gina search Eldon's house and find a body. He comes home and Ryan catches him. He tells him he has a flash drive that can lead them to Sam. 

They're able to track him to Maryland and Max identifies him on the Facebook page of a neighbor he killed. 

Theo knows they found him and he kills his wife and leaves his kids drugged. 



The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I have to be sane in order for the state to put me to death? How perverse.


It's called a search warrant. You two have seen one before right? I put it in motion before we left.