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Ryan visits Joe and asks him where he thinks Strauss would go. In return for his help, Joe tells him he wants him to come visit every day before his execution. 

Ryan visits Max in the hospital and fills her in on the case. Tom comes by to take her home. 

Ryan tells the agents that to find Strauss they need to find whoever is helping him. 

Theo makes his first appearance by stalking Strauss' lawyer with a blow torch. A flashback to thirteen years ago shows how Theo met Strauss and became his student. 

Ryan and Mike follow a lead to Beacon, New York. They go to investigate a crime scene and discover it is a burial ground. They question the sheriff's son on Strauss, but he doesn't know anything. However, the deputy's uncle is his follower. 

They discover the victims' hearts have been removed. 

Theo comes to the cabin to bring Strauss fake IDs and ends up killing him. Ryan and Mike arrive and find his dead body. They visit Duncan to ask him who killed him, but he doesn't know his name. 

Theo arrives home to his wife and children. 

Tom is still using the laptop to spy on Max. He overhears Max tell Mike that she never wants to cover up another one of his executions. 


The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Ryan: I hope you feel better than you look.
Max: Not really.

Do I need to remind you Ryan? When I die, you die.