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Two US Marshals are transporting Duncan when their car breaks down. Theo quickly kills both and frees Duncan. 

Ryan visits Joe in prison and asks him who Strauss' best student is. The warden comes in to tell him that his execution will take place in seven days. 

Max has been cleared for limited duty, but it's clear she's still in pain when she practices at the shooting range. 

Theo and Duncan enter an apartment complex. Theo kills a room full of men looking for Luis, who can identify him. 

Max tracks the hack into the FBI to a company where Theo works a couple of days a month. He bumps into Max, jarring her ribs. 

Tom confronts Mike in the stairwell, but it's cut short by Ryan. 

Luis is attacked and his girlfriend is killed. Ryan and Mike rush to the girlfriend's apartment, but are too late. Luis is gone. 

Max arrests Peter Collins, the man whose office and computer Theo used to hack the FBI. Another employee gives Max an alibi for Peter, proving he was framed. 

Duncan burns the passports. Theo calls and says he needs Luis to do one more job before he kills him. 

Theo kills the employee who was helping Max figure out who framed Peter. Max goes to look for him and finds his body. She calls for backup and they arrive just as Theo is about to attack her. He disappears. 

Duncan shoots Ryan in his vest, but he recovers and kills him. 

Theo frames Tucker, the head of the company, but Ryan knows it's not him. 

The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm not a trick pony. I'm not just here to do your bidding, at least not without a little foreplay first.


I'm not sure what's more troubling, that you're talking to Joe Carroll or that you're quoting him