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Callie discovers that Justina's bill died before it ever made it to a vote, so it's being taken to the ballad. She decides she wants to advocate for a counter bill. Justice for Jack. She decides that she and the family will try to get as many signatures as possible at the music concert that Brandon is performing at with his old bandmates.

Brandon gets an email from Juillard and takes it outside to read it. He finds out that he got accepted. The family rejoices.

Jesus notices that his ADHD prescription is running low. He doesn't know why, but he asks Lena to put in for a refill.

Stef and Lena try to figure out how they're going to pay for Juilliard. Stef brings up the possibility of becoming a detective and all of the advantages to it. She could spend more time with the family and make more money. Plus, she wouldn't have to wear the uniform. Lena puts the uniform on and seduces Stef.

Mariana finds out from her English teacher that her grades are slipping. She begs him for an opportunity to make up an assignment. She later on finds out that Nick is home for the weekend on house arrest. He tells her how much he misses her and how he can't wait to see her.

Mariana freaks out and takes more medication and then spends time with Matt. She falls asleep while they're making out, and he wonders what's wrong with her. Lena interrupts him and Mariana finds out that Mat has been accepted to Berkeley. 

Callie shares the toothbrush she stole from Harvey with Aaron. She wants him to get it tested to see if  his DNA matches what's on the murder weapon. He scolds her for being careless and reminds her that what she did is illegal and inadmissible. He gets it tested anyway.

Stef finds out that Detective Grey gave her a recommendation for Detective. When Stef expresses her disgust with him trying to bribe her, he brings up the fact that Stef lied to protect Mike when Mike shot an unarmed man. Grey threatens to not only prevent her from getting promoted, but also to end her career if he takes what he knows the Internal Affairs. He blackmails her in order to get her to back off of his part in the investigation.

When Stef tells Lena about Grey, Lena reminds Stef that they have a family to support and that she will have to compromise her integrity sometimes for the sake of the family.

Jesus figures out that Nick called Mariana and that he's home. Jesus heads to Nick's house to confront him. He tells Nick to stop contacting Mariana because she doesn't want to be with him anymore and she's afraid of him.

When Mariana finds out what Jesus did, she freaks out and is afraid of what Nick may do after finding that out.

The family attend the musical concert. Callie's sister Sophia meets them up there so she can help with everything. Callie quickly realizes that Justina's crew is there getting signatures for their bill.

Harvey is stalking the family at the musical event.

Brandon and the band perform.

Callie gives Mike the cold shoulder at the event and when a dispute breaks out between AJ and Aaron she acknowledges that she's aware that Mike doesn't like her. AJ confronts Mike over his pushiness and being opinionated about Callie. He threatens to leave the house if Mike can't accept his relationship with Callie. Later on Mike tells AJ that he's his son and that he never has to leave, even if they disagree about things.

Aaron continues to flirt with Callie, and AJ blows up. The two get into a heated argument, and AJ threatens to beat him up. Callie tells Aaron to back off, but goes off on AJ for being disruptive. Callie tells AJ that Aaron is trans, and then gets upset with AJ when he admits to feeling less threatened after finding that out. She admits that she'd date Aaron if she wasn't dating AJ, and AJ breaks up with her.

A member of Justina's team threatens to call the cops on Callie since Callie committed a federal offense opening Justina's mail and sharing the check. She tells Callie to back off.

After a conversation with Stef about integrity, Callie takes to the stage and speaks about Jack, Justina, and the foster care bill. 

Harvey tracks down Sophia after mistaking her for Callie. He traps her in a bathroom and interrogates her about breaking into his home and bothering him. A terrified Sophia doesn't know what he's talking about. Someone interrupts and Sophia is able to get away. 

A grounded Jude sees Noah at the concert and takes off with him even though he's not supposed too.

Mariana talks with Matt and finds out that he's going to Berkely School of Music not the University of Berkely, and she takes  more pills and takes off. She gets dizzy and starts hallucinating Nick.

When they can't find Mariana, Emma tells Jesus that she's been taking his pills. Jesus contacts Nick to ask if he knows where his sister is. Nick is worried so he violates his house arrest and shows up at the concert.

Nick tries to get Mariana into the car but she refuses. Mariana lashes out and tells Nick everything she's been dealing with and what he's put her through. He apologizes and tells her he'll leave her alone. 

Jesus finds the pair sitting in the grass and takes off towards them. He hits Nick and it becomes a fistfight. Nick defending himself, punches Jesus and Jesus goes down hard. HIs previous incident with the nail to the head has affected him. Stef comes just in time to see Nick and Jesus fighting and Jesus going down.

We're left not knowing whether or not Jesus is okay.

Callie tries to find Mariana and accepts a ride from the victim's grandson who confronted her earlier in the day. While in the car, she recieves a call from Aaron. He tells her that the DNA mathes of a male relative of the victim. Callie realizes she's in the car with the murderer.

Lena pulls Brandon aside to talk to him. She got a call and find out that Tristan, the guy he took the SATs for got flagged again and confessed. Tristan told the board about Brandon. As a result Juilliard rescinded their acceptance letter. Brandon isn't going to his dream school. He sobs and Lena tries to comfort him.

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Stef: Someone put in a recommendation for me?
Det: Yeah, Grey. Joe Grey? Figured you knew him.
Stef: Yeah, I know him.

I got an email from Julliard. Oh my God, I got in! I didn't read it all. I couldn't read it all.