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Lena wants to quit after Drew had Monte fired. He lies and tells Lena he wasn't going after Monte's job or planning on getting rid of Lena and gives her work to do. he gives her work to do. later Jude and Noah find out that Drew is planning to convert their charter school into a private school behind Lena's back.

Lena is frustrated because Stef's job leaves a lot of work for Lena to do at home and not enough time spent with her wife. they enlist the kids to do more around the house to help out. Brandon makes attempts but fails at shopping for the family effectively. 

Jude is being teased at school over the lgbt sex ed course and a boy leaves a sex toy on his chair. He wants to retaliate and comes up with something mean to do back, but Noah hates that Jude is becoming a bully in order to bully another bully.

Jesus hates that his medication makes him impotent. He talks to Gabe about it and eventually tells Lena and has her call his doctor so he can he have sex with Emma again. 

Emma still hasn't told him the truth. Later, Stef finds the letter in Brandon's pants pocket while doing laundry.

Mariana convinces moms to let Gabe move into the apartment over the garage.

Aaron asks Callie to go with him to his family's house for his dad's birthday. His father doesn't accept the fact that he's trans. They have a tense dinner where Callie eventually blows up because she doesn't like the snide comments Aaron's father is making and his response to the gift Aaron got him. 

Aaron blows up at her because he didn't want her to get involved. After Callie talks with Aaron's mom and understands that she's still mourning the loss of her daughter but loves Aaron she goes back to apologize to Aaron. They kiss.

Aaron finds out that Troy's alibi is his ex girlfriend who lied to coer for him.

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Stef: So we talked to your lawyers and your trial date is set.
Callie: When is it?
Lena: There must be an opening because it's a week from today.

Mariana: Hey, Gabe, I tried calling you but your phone is disconnected. Wait, what are you doing?
Gabe: I'm moving. I got a job in Lake Tahoe.