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The family has a meeting to discuss their moving arrangements. First order of business is Stef wanting to know who had a marijuana pipe in the garage. Jude appears to be the only one who doesn't know what it is. All of the kids deny and Stef asks if it belongs to Callie because she's been spending a lot of time in the garage. Callie tells Stef that she can drug test her if she likes. 

The kids bicker over the fact that none of them have been doing their fair share of packing everything up despite the limited time frame they have. The bickering continues until Stef interrupts them all by telling them that she and Lena are getting a divorce.

It jumps to 36 hours before. The realtor bursts into the Moms bedroom with the couple who bought the house. They want to walk through and make plans. Lena forgot to tell Stef that they were coming. Stef is upset because they already have very little time to pack everything up as it is without them walking through there with there plans. 

Lena has a flashback to when they first considered buying the house. She had to convince Stef that they could afford it. She tells Stef that her parents are giving her her inheritance early, and that there's plenty of room for the kids. 

Stef is upset and venting to Mike. She tells Mike that it's Lena's job to find them a place and that she isn't doing it. They get a phonecall from Brandon who is in New York for his Juilliard audition. Brandon left Courtney and Mason, parting ways with "I love yous."

Jude has a flashback to when Connor gave him a game while he's packing up. Callie tries to talk to him, but he isn't really paying her much attention. She says it's unfair that he keeps icing her out and avoiding her and he thinks it's unfair that she can only keep her own secrets. 

Callie has a flashback to when Jude caught her kissing Brandon outside of the house. AJ interrupts her thoughts to tell her that "her boyfriend" is there. Aaron tells Callie, AJ, Stef, and Mike that he found out that there was other DNA on the murder weapon besides Kyle. The evidence wasn't taken into consideration because the lab was a private lab that was shut down after being accused of doctoring evidence. 

The twins are clearing out the garage and Mariana is squeamish about being up in the crawl space where Nick was. She says she can't clean out the attic. Jesus asks if she's seen him since, and she says no.

Mariana says she'll tell Nick they aren't dating when he gets better, but Jesus tells her that there is no guarantee that he will get better. Jesus  finds a journal and starts leafing through it. When Mariana asks what it is he tells her that it's one of there moms. She assumes that it's Lena's but he tells her that it's Stef's. She tells him to not read it because it's private and he agrees. When he leaves she begins reading the journal. 

In NYC Brandon is assigned a room with a girl name Ariel. He figures it must be a mistake and she tells him that her nickname is Ari so people assume she's a guy.

Mike and Stef go visit the guy who painted Martha Johnson's curb. They question him and tell him if he remembers anything to call. 

Brandon and Ariel have a discussion about Courney. She tells him that he has to dedicate himself to his craft and that Courtney could be holding him back. He decides to break things off with Courtney via a letter.

Mariana and Lena have a heart to heart about what was found in Stef's journal. Lena explains that she wasn't used to the kind of affection that Mariana was giving her because Mariana loved her instantly. 

The Moms figure out that if they file for divorce their assets will be frozen and they could save the house. 

Callie sneaks into the suspects home and retrieves a toothbrush for evidence. Later on he shows up outside the Fosters' home after tracking them down.

Stef catches Jude and Noah smoking in the garage.

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Knock, knock! Is everyone decent? One of your brood told me I could come right up.


Momma and I are filing for divorce.