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Stef's mother returns with her boyfriend, who is now her fiance.

Sharon doesn't want to marry Will because she's afraid that she'll stop loving him, like she did with her first husband. After Mariana planned the wedding in their backyard, Sharon decides she doesn't want to marry Will because she doesn't need to be legally tied to him to love him.

Will understands because he just wants to be with Sharon because she's his best friend and nothing will change that.

The divorce papers come through for Lena and Stef. They had to divorce in order to keep the house. Stef wants to get married again, but Lena doesn't seem interested. It makes Stef worry.

After Stef explains why it's important that they get married while they still can because they should have all the rights that straight people do, she proposes, Lena accepts, and the two take the place of Sharon and Will as the couple getting married.

THe wedding gets rained out.

Emma writes a letter telling Jesus about her abortion but he doesn't read it because he can't. He has Sharon read it for him, but she leaves out the pregnancy.

Sharon confronts Emma and offers support. Emma figures out that Jesus is having trouble reading.

Jude is teased about the lgbt sex ed course. Lena changes the location but is afraid no one will show up.

A lot of kids show up, including Noah, and they all have a healthy discusion. Jude asks Noah about his sexual past because he assumed Noah was more experienced. It turns out Noah isn't. They both agree that they aren't ready to go all the way with one another.

Callie drags AJ to investigate Troy. Troy confronts them. AJ gets upset because he has a lot at stake and he doesn't have a rich father to bail him out if he gets in trouble. He can't afford to get in trouble, especially being a black male. He calls Callie out on being selfish and only thinking and talking about herself.

Brandon bonds with Grace.

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm not going to let you go to prison and neither is Robert's lawyer.


When's the wedding? Am I a bridesmaid?