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Stef gives Callie a stern talking to while in the car and Lena. The DA hasn't dropped the breaking and entering and hit and run charges yet despite Troy's confession. When the three of them head into the house they find that Robert has thrown a surprise party. Stef is annoyed and tells Robert that he should have asked first. Stef, Lena, and Robert sit down with Callie and have a talk about her future. Moms think it's best if Callie spends more time with Robert because they're overwhelmed. Later Lena expresses that she's not sure it's a good idea to have another bio parent in their lives when Gabe is still living there too. They bicker about who is going to get the new neighbors a gift . They haven't met them yet. Later Stef has a pleasant run in with the husband. Lena has an uncomfortable run in with the wife, Tess who spoke poorly about Anchor Beach without knowing Lena worked there. Mariana is interested in the teen son. Callie tells her teacher to toss her senior project when she finds out there is no room. It's arrwnfes for her to shadow a student, Ximena, at the art college. She doesn't put enough thought into her project and is discouraged when she finds out she needs a portfolio . She lashes out at Robert when she thinks he bought her way into the art class. Callie feels like moms are trying to change her but they tell her they don't want her repeating her mistakes. They save her project and she works on her new assignment. Jesus tells Mariana that he wants to work alone on the treehouse. Gabe is caught in the middle and finds out that Jesus may not become a senior. When he suggests to Stef that they tell Jesus the truth She tells him to stay out of it, and when Jesus corners him and Gabe tells him the truth, Stef is upset with Gabe. Jesus wants to work with Emma but after another outburst, Emma distances herself from Jesus. Grace tries to seduce Brandon and it's awkward. Lena and Stef go next door to welcome the neighbors and discover that Tess, the wife, is Stef's high school best friend and possible ex.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Lena: Robert, we appreciate everything you do for Callie.
Stef: We just would have liked a heads up.

You know what could have happened, Callie? You could have been raped, or beaten, or killed. This is nothing to celebrate. In spite of the fact that Troy Johnson confessed, the DA has not dropped the Breaking and Entering or the Hit and Run charges, so you are not out of the woods yet, young lady.