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Stef has a therapy session with her therapist. They discuss Tess and her mother. It's mothers day and Stef's mother visits. Stef wants to keep the fact that she is in therapy and taking anxiety meds from her. Sharon visits Tess. Tess tells her about struggling with her sexuality and tells yet that she's a lesbian. They plan on going out to a gay bar and want Stef to join them. Stef is annoyed that her mother is supporting Tess flirting with other women despite being married. Stef doesn't understand why her mother was so okay with Tess now when she wasn't supportive when Stef came out and divorced Mike. They talk about it and Stef has a panic attack. Sharon talks her through it. Sharon tells Stef that she felt ganged up on by Stef and her father. She also tells Stef that she used to have panic attacks in her 40s too. Stef tells her mom how she was ashamed of being gay for so long and how she tried to be straight. Mariana figures out that Tess may be gay and plans on telling Logan. Lena reminds her that it's none of their business. She tells Tess that Mariana figured things out and Tess threatens Mariana. Jesus has a new para but she's pretty and when the boys start making sexual remarks about her, Lena considers changing her but instead lectures Jesus on being a better man. Jesus writes about his mothers and reads them his essay at the family brunch. Grace tells Brandon that she made him her proxy. Susan is livid about it and confronts Brandon before having a nice talk with Grace. Callie struggles with the memory of her birth mother. She finally is able to stop wearing his mothers locket, and she agrees to go to their mothers grave with Jude. They run into and have a nice conversation with Jude's father. He introduces them to his spouse.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

We shouldn't just raise our daughters to be feminists. We should raise our sons to be feminist too.


Unlike guilt, which is the feeling of doing something wrong, shame is the feeling of being something wrong, and this assault on the self it can cause deep depression and severe anxiety.