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Lena asks Stef about the medication she finds. Stef tells her that her gynecologist mentioned she's para-menopausal and that her anxiety may be a result of that hormone imbalance. Stef takes that for what it is and dismisses going to see the therapist. 

Dean stops by to ask Stef if she knows anything else about Tess. He tells her that Tess wants a separation, and she didn't explain to him why that's the case. 

Stef goes grocery shopping shortly after and has an anxiety attack in the store. It's so bad that she has to leave everything there and go. She calls Brandon and has him come pick her up and take her home. He reminds her that she used to have similar difficulties when she was younger. 

She had completely blocked it out. When she talks to her therapist about it, the therapist suggests that Tess moving next door may be Stef's trigger.

Brandon is caught up with Grace at the hospital. Her treatment appears to be going well. When Grace's father shows up, there is a lot of tension and bickering between him and Susan, Grace's mother. Grace confides in Brandon about she always felt like she had to choose sides.

Later on, Brandon tells Susan that. Grace signs paperwork that gives Brandon the power to make decisions for her if she no longer cannot. 

The ICE agent that has been stalking Callie catches up to her and apologizes. He admits that he didn't know about the video and he was misled. He wants to help make up for it by tipping Callie off about an underhanded round up his fellow agents are doing at a high school.

Callie, Mariana, and Aaron head out there to warn the students. It gets chaotic and Aaron is pushed into an ICE agent. He's arrested for obstructing justice. 

Aaron calls from the holding center and tells Callie that they're going to process and strip search him. Callie talks to Stef and Stef tells Aaron that he should tell them that he's trans. He's put in solitary confinement until Callie persuades the ICE agent tipping her off to corroborate Aaron's story.

Lena and Stef talk to Jude about taking gifts from fans. Jude gets Taylor to talk Noah into letting him stay on their gaming channel and continue flirting. He understands that it's harmless. 

Declan makes a pass at Jude when they hug. Taylor tells Jude that he has to put a stop to the flirting because she vouched for him. 

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I want to apologize. We were told Ximena made threatening remarks at that rally. Radical stuff, you know? Calling for violence and that sort of thing. It wasn't until your video that I saw we had been lied to. Ximena never should have been targeted.

ICE Agent

Lena: What about therapy? Did you reschedule your appointment?
Stef: What's the point if it's physiological?