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The episode starts with Nick getting arrested - it flashes back to a day earlier.

Special Agent Ruso comes to the Gates to investigate a man that lives in the Gates - Robert Jessup. Nick and the agent go and search Jessup’s house and find files on all the people who bought fake identities from him - including the Radcliff’s.

Nick calls Dylan to warm him about the FBI agent and gets busted by the agent being on the phone.

Later that day, Nick meets with Dylan who tells him that he must switch out the zip drive in the safe or else they will have to kill her.

Nick is able to switch out the zip drives without getting caught, but the Agent does come and arrests him.

Andie is still not taking her medication or sucking energy out of anyone - as a result, her health has deteriorated.  Brett still wants her to take what she needs from him, but she wont.

Andie finally agrees to and it works, but she realizes that she doesn’t have any feelings for him.

Peg’s daughter, Mia,  is still secretly practicing witch craft with Devon. During one day of practice, she takes a bottle from Devon’s cabinet.

Mia brings the devils’ weed to Andie’s house and tells her that she believes this will help heal her - so she agrees to take it and it works.

Andie goes to visit Charlie and sees him make out with the werewolf chick.

Leigh tells Nick that she must get that hard drive, because her name is also on it. He tells her that he switched the zip drives. She is about to tell him what she is, but Marcus interrupts them and tells them that Agent Russo was once engaged to Robert.

Two years before she was shot and Robert saved her by turning her. She never wanted to be a vampire and hated him for making her into a monster.  She came back to kill him and kill everyone else on the zip drive.

Nick lets her go and knows that she will be killed.

Claire and Dylan are still on the rocks and because of everything, they miss their daughter’s spelling bee. Emily doesn’t forgive them so after some time they go in to check on her.

Emily had been taken from Christian, Claire realized right away because he left the ring he gave her on the bed.

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The Gates Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Just stay positive and beat this thing - that'll be payment enough.


Honey Andie's the one missing out.