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Nick goes to see the Radcliff’s because someone (a vampire) killed Barbara Jenson. Nick takes Dylan over to see the body.  He tells him that it isn’t his bite marks or Claire’s. 

Later that day, Nick goes to interview Barbara’s friend/co-worker, Gillian. She tells him that no one hated Barbara – not even her ex-husband. Nick goes to visit him and finds out that she liked hanging out at a certain bar.

Nick shows Dylan a bunch of pictures and one happens to be of Christian. Dylan goes to visit Christian and invites him home for dinner.

Meanwhile, Andie is having a hard time dealing with her new medications. Charlie invites her over to study and she reluctantly, yet happily, agrees. On her next visit, Andie tells Peg that she hasn’t taken the meds. Peg warns her what could happen if she chooses not to.

Later that night, Charlie comes over to study. After a brief second of kissing, he falls over and passes out. Andie now realizes that significance of her problem and decides to start taking the meds.

Sara has a fundraising event to raise money for the school. Devon helps by giving them a place to have it.  Later, we see that Devon kept all the facial masks and hung them out to dry.

Gloria admits to being a vampire, but not killing Barbara. Before any more answers could take place, she is taken.

Nick is still having a hard time figuring out who could be the killer. He realizes that her ex Alex was lying about not seeing each other.  He tells Nick that it was just an accident.

Later that night, Nick meets up with Buckley.  Buckley shows him and Dylan a tape of what went down. Obviously, Nick isn’t going anywhere.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

How many more of you are there?


Divorce - thank you. You were always so predictable.