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Devon gets Sarah to leave a satchel of herbs under Nick’s bed which shows her what happened the night Dylan murdered the woman, Theresa, that was after him.

Throughout the next day, Nick continues to see Theresa everywhere. Sarah takes Nick to see Devon to get help to get rid of his nightmares, but he doesn’t want the help.

Charlie doesn’t want to speak to Andie because he feels that she is lying about being a succubus.  His little sister tries to meddle and even meets with Andie, but that doesn’t work.

Eventually Charlie decides to give his relationship with Andie a shot.

Back at the Radcliff’s, Emily’s aunt comes to visit them to have a childcare agent review the living situation.

This sparks Claire to tell Emily the truth about what they are and Emily surprises them by telling them that she already knew.

Nick goes to look for Theresa’s body where he finds her necklace.  He tells Peg about what is happening and she informs him that some spirits linger after they are dead.

Back at the station, Teresa comes to spook him and vanishes to his house where Nick’s daughter hears her presence.

The next morning Sarah tells Nick that the garbage disposal is clogged. He tells her that he will fix it later after work. Sarah is able to unclog the drain by pulling out Theresa’s neckless.

When Nick gets home, he hears his daughter scream and jumps into the pool just in time to save Charlie, but not Sarah.. She gets possessed by Theresa who tries to kill him, but Leigh barges in and gets shot.

Theresa only wants revenge and Nick to die so they go out to the swamp where he can kill himself. When he sincerely apologizes to her. She vanishes and leaves Sarah’s body.

Back at home, Nick tell Sarah the truth about the Gates community. She tells him that she wants to leave.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Peg: Nick, anything we discussed is privileged. You can trust me.
Nick: I've been seeing things, things that can't be real.

Devon; And how long have these nightmares been going on?
Sarah: Uh, about three weeks.
Devon: Nightmares are often driven by a conflict between the conscious and subconscious.