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A hunter is in the woods and shoots one of the werewolves (Lucas)and before he can get a way Brett attacks and kills him.

Nick and Sarah are in bed and Sarah was trying to keep Nick’s thoughts off that it has been a year since he killed a man.

Christian calls Claire and persuades he to go out with him tonight since her husband will be too busy with the father and daughter dance.

Andie and Charlie go to the janitor closet to make-out for a second. When Charlie gets to his class, he passes out.  Peg checks Charlie out and he tells her that he was hanging out with Andie before he fainted.

Thomas doesn’t want to tell Andie about her mother’s true identity before the dance - but, promises to do so after.

Patterson’s body was found in the forest ten miles outside the Gates, even though there was blood right outside.  Brett’s coach moved the body, but doesn’t want to be involved. His coach later confronts him and he tells

Marcus and Theresa are really hitting it off well. She wants to cook him dinner, but he tells her that he has to work because the Chief is going to the father daughter dance. She understands and actually volunteers to take pictures.

Theresa pulls a gun out on Nick and makes him go into the woods. She tells him that she is the man who Nick murdered a year ago was her brother. Before she has a chance to kill him, Dylan comes and rip open her throat. 

Nick asks Dylan what he is, but Dylan just tells him that he knows what he is.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Honestly Sir, if you knew Stan...I'll gather the troops.


Claire: Thanks for doing this - you're a sport.
Dylan: You owe me.