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Nick finds out that the ex chief of police was murdered by a gun shot to the back of his head.  He tells his wife Sarah about it and she is not happy.

He goes to work and finds out that Chad was the longest standing employee on the force. He goes to visit Chad who tells him that the old chief would make situations concerning people in the Gates community disappear.

Nick goes to question Dylan about the murder of the chief and his wife’s possible involvement. Nick doesn’t trust the Radcliff’s and how they’re always involved in mysterious situations.

Marcus is in line for coffee and meets a nice woman named Theresa who buys him a cup of coffee.

Later that day, Theresa calls Marcus to invite him out. He agrees as he gets a match on who was in the old Chiefs car – Mr. Ford.

Marcus and Nick head to Mr. Ford’s house who tells them he did give money to the old chief. After more investigation Nick figures out that Chad was around the Chief when he died. They find his prints all over a truck and the murder weapon in his house. Although Chad swears he is innocent, Nick arrest Chad for the murder.

Andie wakes up in the morning and notices a blue vein on her back. She goes to the doctor and Peg tells her that it is most likely just a rash caused by stress.  Peg tells her to try to eliminate it.

Peg finds out that Andie needs to start treatment onher succubus disease. Peg tells Andie’s father that he must tell Andie what she is because any man that she gets close to may be in grave danger.

Brett catches up to Andie and tells her that he loves her, while Charlie is trying to hang out with her. Andie ends up going horseback riding with Charlie. They kiss and something irks her so she leaves.

Claire gets an unusual box that has a little note inside - got cravings. She goes to visit Devon and asks her what she wants. She tells Claire that the only way to get her to erase the memory of the neighbor is a barter for vile of her blood.

Claire is hesitant to do so at fist, but by the end of the episode agrees to give Devon what she wants.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

That's what I mean by changing behavior.

Nick and Sarah's daughter

Simon: Maybe its time you stopped trying to beat your old man and focus on the hunt.
Lucas: Yes sir.