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On her way to pick up her son, Aiden, Melinda sees a ghost, Kirk, who flags her down for help. He takes her to where his dead body is. Not only is this very unusual, but he also says he knows that his wife, Rita, was the one who killed him!

He believes that Rita killed him for his two million dollar life insurance policy. Kirk also realizes that he died by allergy suffocation – the brownstone Rita bought had a type of mold that he was allergic to.

Even though the pieces seem to fit, Melinda is unsure if she believes Kirk. She also gets a strange vision of intestines in the sink. When she questions Kirk he is unwilling to give her an answer.

Kirk also believed that Rita was having an affair with another realtor. Melinda meets with the realtor and he informs her that Rita actually bought the brownstone as a surprise present for her husband. But after Kirk hired the private detective, Rita sells the brownstone out of anger. The realtor tells Melinda that Rita never even knew that the place had the mold in it.

Later that day, Melinda visits the private eye to find more of an unbiased view of the couple.  He tells them the truth about the couple. Melinda was upset that Kirk would take all the glory for their sales.

This started a feud between them and lead to vicious pranks – Kirk put intestines in a home Rita was showing that scared away potential buyers and Rita pinned shrimp to curtains causing the entire home Kirk was trying to sell to stink. 

Melinda meets with Rita to tell her about her ability to see and speak to Kirk. Rita is furious with Kirk. When she goes back to their house, the place has been turned upside down.  In her own fury, Rita demolishes all of Kirk’s pride possessions.  As she is doing this, she gets electrocuted and dies.

Melinda goes to their house and sees Rita’s ghost. She explains to Rita that Kirk was also trying to make a piece offering and died before he could. Kirk’s ghost shows up and Melinda also explains to him that Rita bought the brownstone as a piece offering as well. Rita then realizes she is dead and tells Kirk that the brownstone was supposed to be their mutual dream of having a bakery. They go off in the light happily holding hands together.

Melinda’s own personal life is also in trouble. She realizes that Aiden is getting help from ghosts to do his magic tricks. He aggress to not use them any more, but at the end of the episode, there is a little dead girl in his closet that is about to put Aiden in a very dangerous situation.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Please stop calling him my body.


Rita mourn? Those tears are an act - that bitch killed me.