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Melinda goes to visit Jim at the hospital. A young man is rushed in and is wildly talking about being chased by someone with a knife.

 In the ER Melinda sees a ghost that tells her that the man is a dead man. She tells her husband that in her vision she sees a woman getting stabbed by someone with a knife. 

This guy seems like he wanted to help. Robert became erratic and aggressive and they fired him over a week ago. He also had a girlfriend who wend missing around that time.

Melinda sees an identical Robert as a demon standing next to him with  yellow eyes and is holding a knife. No one can explain who and what he is.

Melinda then sees a ghost outside the morgue. She tells her that she is not his girlfriend. The conversation is a little vague, but the girl tells Melinda not to go into room 114.

Back in the hospital room Melinda has a vision of a baby in the nursery with the same yellow lights as Robert’s demon. The people on the floor are all ghosts demons of herself with yellow eyes.

Eli tracks down information about Robert. He has no family - his sister and mother are both dead and believes that his father is still alive.  Melinda tells him about the demons she saw and had visions of She tells him that she has a hard time believing in demons - even though she believes in the Shadows. Something is up with Robert and Melinda thinks it has something to do with Vernon.

Later, Robert’s girlfriend shows up at the hospital. She obviously wasn’t the woman in the vision. She tells Jim and Melinda that Robert ran away a couple days ago. She thinks that he had cold feet and was about to propose.

Vernon pops up and tells Melinda that the same thing that go him is in Robert. He touches Robert’s forehead and Robert begins to scream.
Back at Melinda’s house, Vernon pops up and decides to tell Melinda what happened to him. He was having visions of himself as a demon when he left his family and went to hotel room 114. He believed that when you go to sleep the demons would come and take over your body.  He looks into the mirror and his eyes are yellow.

His wife comes to the door and begs for him to open it. He accidentally cut her with his knife and shuts the door.  Vernon decides to kill himself in the hotel room. His wife dies outside of it as well.

Meanwhile, Robert escapes the hospital and goes to the top of a building to kill himself. He sees his own demon that tells him to jump. Robert wants to kill himself because he believes he could pass the trait on to his unborn children. And he would rather die then have that happen.

His girlfriend and Melinda find him on top of the building. Vernon and Robert’s sister are there as well.
Melinda tells Robert that he doesn’t have to kill himself. That his father’s ghost was the one doing this to him to scare him into believing he had it too - but he doesn’t. Melinda talks to Vernon and tells him that what he saw was also in his mind. He was never being possessed by demon’s and that his life, his wife’s life and daughter did not have to die.

Vernon and Robert’s sister go into the light and Robert comes down from the ledge to his girlfriend. All is well again.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

I have an important question - you came here covered in blood was that blood yours?


Doctors, Truck drivers, and pilots, ya know, should get the most sleep not the least.