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Melinda finds Julia Miller in Aiden’s closet. She is the little girl who has befriended him and only him. When Melinda asks Julia to go into the light, she becomes enraged and throws furniture and shiny metals around the kitchen. Obviously, she doesn’t want any help from Melinda.

That night, Melinda has a nightmare that she poisoned Aiden. She wakes up to find him gone. Aiden has run away with Julia to help her. 

Frantic Melinda gets a vision of Aiden on a bus – but she has no idea where he is off to. The FBI agent realizes that Melinda is speaking the truth about her ability and sends every cop to track the city buses within region.

Later on, Julia’s parents stop by Melinda’s house and inform Delia and Eli that in their daughter’s diary, she confessed to killing her friend. At first they are unsure if she is a good or bad ghost, but later on realize that she wasn’t trying to kill her friend, but help save her from her sickness.

Aiden and Julia are off to an old train station. Julia has been so sick in the hospital that she did not know about the station being abandoned. They wait there because the Shinnings are supposed to come and protect her from the Shadows.

Jim finds out from a bus driver that Aiden got off at an intersection that is near a forest. He sees Aiden’s toy car and realizes he is on their tail. The further he goes in the forest, the more of Aiden’s toys are leading him in the right direction. After talking with Melinda they both understand that this is a path to their son.

Aiden and Julia are about to leave when she sees the Shadows approaching. Aiden tells her to stay in the light and they are about to be defeated by the Shadows, but Aiden saves the day by placing all the shiny objects around her.

Melinda and Jim rush in to find Aiden and Julia safe and sound. Back at home, Julia confronts her parents about her friend’s death. She realizes that it wasn’t her fault that she died – it was leukemia. She sees her friend in the light and joins her.

That night while tucking Aiden to bed, both Melinda and Jim realize that Aiden wasn’t the one leaving the trial – it was the Shinings.



The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

You don't know what you are dealing with.


I have a gift - and I can see ghosts.